How the Corrupted mechanic works in Magic: The Gathering

 How the Corrupted mechanic works in Magic: The Gathering

It has been decades since Magic The Gathering launched; this tabletop game is still popular not only among adults, but is also played fondly by the youth. It is one of the most popular table card games, launched in 1993. Learning to play the game was a difficult task back then, and still, it needs to be clarified for the players, with players having a difficult time learning all the mechanics of the game and even finding the gaming community of this game. The gathering is known for having those mesmerizing playing cards and in-game tactics. With players being able to cast spells, all that magic they are able to do in the game made it so famous. Players are known as Planeswalkers, which refers to powerful magicians; here is so much more to enjoy. There are still some confusions with the game that need to be clarified. In this guide, we are going to discuss how the corrupted mechanic works in magic The Gathering.

In Magic: The Gathering, how does the Corrupted mechanic work

The Gathering is not limited to playing cards only; there is a lot more that players can experience, things revolve so much around magic and players casting spells and new mechanics. One such mechanic that players want a discussion about is the corrupted mechanic.

The corrupted mechanic is the new keyword that has been added to The Gathering’s Phyrexia; all will be one set. The corrupted mechanic is closely related to the Poison counter Mechanic. 

When an enemy has three or more counters with him in that condition, the corrupted mechanic can gain benefits. 

This mechanic is used by the Skrelv Hive Enchantment to heal the ones with toxic. Seedcore Land creates a tap effect when this mechanic is active, which gives 1/1 creature and  +2/+1 bonus until the end.

Players have to be careful while using this mechanic as it consumes a lot of time for the opposition to be hit by three poisons. Henceforth, it can not be used in the early stages of the game.

This concludes this guide about how the corrupted mechanic works in Magic The Gathering. Players can refer to our website for the latest gaming updates, and they can also get information about other popular games with their detailed guides.

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