How Punika Powerpass Works in Lost Ark

Debarun Joardar
Debarun Joardar

The publication of “The Art of War” was unclear for a few hours, but it has now been confirmed. Thank goodness, everyone will be able to view the fresh material for this March release. I’ll now make a remark on one of the previously mentioned items. You don’t want to skip it because it’s a wonderful opportunity, particularly if you want to level up an alternate character. The Punika Powerpass in the Lost Ark “The Art of War” upgrade functions as shown below.

How the Punika Powerpass Works in “Art of War”

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Developers can assist users in maximizing the potential of their figures in a number of ways. The occurrence “The Art of War” is one of them and the subject of this essay. It will include many novel and recurring tasks that were inspired by Sun Tzu’s book. You’ll compete in races, practice, go on tasks, and even use art in a very lethal way. The Punika Powerpass, on the other hand, is something that will undoubtedly bring about a lot of luck. These Punika permits will advance a different character to the point where this Powerpass is unlocked, just like the previous North Vern Powerpass did. It implies that your alt character will obtain Item Level 13450 gear, which is a significant leap, in the case of the Punika Powerpass. 

What must you do in order to obtain this Powerpass, then? All players will be able to obtain the Punika Powerpass by finishing all the storyline material in Punika, a place in the Lost Ark video game. This is comparable to how the North Vern Powerpass was obtained. To be more precise, in order to receive the Powerpass, each player must finish the “Berver’s Friend” mission. While the event is going on and even before it comes, if you haven’t finished the Punika material, you can get the pass. You can do this if you go to Arkesia’s southernmost point.

Make the most of the Powerpass by giving your alias the same level of strength as your primary character. That’s at least the plan! As long as you have already completed all of Punika’s material, this item should arrive to you right away. If not, I wish you success on your missions!

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