Super Meat Boy Forever

How Many Worlds Are There In Super Meat Boy Forever

How Many Worlds Are There In Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Meat Boy Forever does not mean that the game goes on forever, there are a set limit of worlds after which the game comes to an end. When you start the game it might not be apparent which game level you are playing and the game does not mention that either. As such, players must be wondering how many worlds or levels are there in Super Meat Boy Forever and the world that comes next to the one they are playing currently. Keep scrolling as we have listed all the worlds in the game in the order of their appearance.

What are the worlds/levels in Super Meat Boy Forever?

There are a total of twelve worlds in Super Meat Boy Forever divided into Light Worlds and Dark World of six each. Each world has both the light and dark world, in that sense there are six worlds as listed below.

  • Chipper Grove
  • The Clinic
  • Tetanusville
  • The Lab
  • The Other Side
  • Oxdeadbeef

Only the Chipper Grove, The Clinic, Tetanusville, and The Lab are the levels that’s revealed to the players when they start the world. To unlock The Other Side, players have to complete the first four worlds along with their darker halves. Oxdeadbeef, on the other hand is a super tough level and is set in the post-game world, which obviously unlocks after you complete The Other Side.

As you would have assumed by the name, the Darker worlds are the tougher version of the Lighter World. You will have to unlock them by completing the lighter levels in record time. We are still to know about any hidden levels, but it’s expected as the previous title in the series had them.

But, given the difficulty of the game, it might be a while before we know everything about the game, its hidden levels, and the collectibles. If you are wondering how long it takes to beat Super Meat Boy Forever, for a normal player, it would take above four hours, but an expert can speed run and complete the game within two hours. Besides Oxdeadbeef, all other worlds can be completed fairly quickly, but you won’t be able to get to all the collectibles if you are in haste. That’s all we have in the guide, check out the game category to know more about the game, and browse through other guides.        

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