How many people play Valorant in 2023

Debarun Joardar
Debarun Joardar

In its third year, Valorant has attracted millions of players due to frequent upgrades and meta-adjustments from Riot Games. But if you’re curious about the current player count for Valorant, our projected player count will provide you with the most recent information as of March 2023.

Valorant, the hero shooter that was said to be the love child of Overwatch and Counter Strike, has steamrolled its way into top of the charts irrespective of how the initial predictions turned out. So, how many people actually play Valorant as of 2023 and how are the numbers in comparison to other big names in the FPS genres like Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Overwatch 2? Can Valorant really maintain its position in the future or will it blend with dust and turn to ashes like the once insanely popular Rainbow Six Siege? Let’s take a look at numbers, facts and futures. 

How many people play Valorant in 2023

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According to Tracking Network, Valorant had 18 million active users in total throughout February 2023. 

Based on the statistics provided, 18.2 million players have joined at least one game of Valorant over the past 30 days, which is 3.2% fewer than the 18.8 million players from last month. However, given that the game gathered over one million players between November 2022 and January 2023, it is fair to say that this decline is nothing to be worried about for Valorant fans.

How many people play Valorant in 2023 in comparison to CSGO 

Even though Valorant has been steamrolling it’s way to the top of the charts, it still falls behind when it comes to number of players playing the game monthly, in case of the massively popular Counter Strike Global Offensive. CSGO’s ten year legacy is something that will not be easily beat by Valorant, at least as of yet. Look at the chart below and you will have an idea of the massive difference. 

Future of Valorant 

Valorant has a very promising future, especially with its set of updates and addition of new characters that always keeps the players from getting bored. With that being said, it might not be long when Valorant steamrolls its way to the top of charts. You might wonder if it will meet a fate similar to Rainbow Six Siege but there’s Riot Vanguard. So hopefully, Valorant will continue and finally build up a legacy like CSGO in the years to come.

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