How Healing Works in Eastward (Heal and Restore Health)

How Healing Works in Eastward (Heal and Restore Health)

Eastward offers a real-time action battle system where you will encounter lots of enemies and you will need to react as quickly as possible. In such battles, it is obvious that you will get hits and once you die, the game will be over. So, you will need to heal yourself to progress the game further. Let’s find out here how healing works in Eastward.

How Healing Works in Eastward (Heal and Restore Health)

If you want to check your health in Eastward, it is indicated as small hearts in the bottom left corner of your screen. Whenever you take a hit from your enemies, the part of your heart will be knocked off. The game starts with 3 hearts which is not much whatsoever. So, you have to be very careful especially in the early encounters.

In order to restore your health, it is very simple. Whenever you find a dungeon, ensure to hit all the breakable items like crates and bottles as you might get some extra hearts from these spots. In the same way, when you find any cupboards or chests, open up and you will get heart orbs which will increase your health bar when you pick up them and thus, it will fill up your health to full.

Also, you can cook or buy foods to carry along with you in your backpack which will help you to restore your health.

For this, press the Menu or Options button and open the menu and then select the food items you want to use by pressing the A or X button. Next, select the option in order to use it and Sam or John will eat those foods and your health will be regained.

That’s all for this guide on How Healing Works in Eastward (Heal and Restore Health).

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