How Elements work in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Debarun Joardar
Debarun Joardar

Wo Long: Lost Empire, created by Team Ninja, is set during the Three Kingdoms Period (184 A.D.). This game places you against fierce foes in a world overrun with demons. You can enlist mythical beings or divine animals to help you in the game’s bloody fights to even the chances. The game provides a range of weaponry that can be improved at the Armory in the Hidden Village, including Dual Swords, Javelins, Sabers, Bows, and more. They are a select few that have distinctive features that will improve your physical strikes while engaged in combat. Although some foes are vulnerable to these elements’ impacts, not all of your opponents will be. Finding out which element is successful against a foe and how they function when completely stacked during combat is helpful.  So how do elements work in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

How Elements work in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

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You can have five distinct components on your weaponry or employ them as spells in battle. These each have unique status effects that you can apply to your opponents, and there’s a possibility that these rivals will apply the same effects to you. 

In Wo Long: Lost Empire, these are the only weapons you can employ against your adversaries. 

Burns: Burns are brought on by fire-based weapons or spells. The target will sustain harm over time once it hits the utmost threshold on you or an adversary. You can either roll in battle or apply a water-based positive affect to fix this. 

Chill: A weapon or spell that uses ice as its basis will induce the chill. It decreases your Stone resistance and lengthens the time it takes for your Spirit recovery gauge to charge after using Spirit-heavy techniques when you completely charge this against an enemy or when an enemy does so to you. With an Earth-based beneficial impact, you can heal this.

Heaviness: A stone-based firearm or magic is to blame for this. The victim will have lessened Lightning protection when the gauge against you or an opponent hit full. They receive less Spirit when they protect or strike, but they also suffer more damage from Spirit. A good Wood Phase impact can fix this. 

Poison: A firearm or magic that uses a toxin will result in poison. This decreases the Flame resistance and progressively lowers the target’s Health and Spirit when the gauge is filled. A good Fire Phase impact can treat this. 

Shock: A lightning-based firearm or magic is to blame for this. When the gauge is full, Toxin protection decreases and Spirit increase steadily decreases. Using the Metal Positive impact, this can be fixed.

These are the various elemental effects and how you can cure them in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. 

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