How and Where to Store Items in Ooblets

How and Where to Store Items in Ooblets

With so many items and resources, a large inventory size is a must in Ooblets. Unfortunately though, the inventory has a limited capability in the game. You can only store the essentials in the inventory and still it may fall short. But, there is another place you can save items in the game for later use. In this guide, we will show you how and where to store items in Ooblets besides your inventory.

How and Where to Store Items in Ooblets

When you first arrive at the island during the start of the game, all you bring along is a briefcase. This briefcase has all your belonging in the game at that point. You get to keep the briefcase and is the only storage option you have during the initial days. As the game progresses and you upgrade your house, more storage options become available, but still, you are limited to storing only 6 distinct items in the suitcase. You can use the same suitcase to store items in Ooblets as additional storage.

The suitcase is inside your home in the farm. Whenever you have an item on you, use the suitcase to deposit the item. There is also an option to interact with the case, it brings up a new menu. Using the menu, you can deposit more than one item at once.

You can store anything from recipe pieces, ingredients, to other items and collectables in the game. This is your permanent storage and great for items that you don’t use often but will require at some point in the game. Since, we are still in the begging days of the game, it’s possible that we encounter more storage options. If and when we find such options we will update this post.

You should also note that, the game already provides you the option to increase carrying capacity, which is comparable to more storage. When you are able to buy cheats, you can use those to store items as well.

That’s all we have in this guide, we you know where to store items in Ooblets and how to make space for additional storage.         

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