Hogwarts Legacy Choice Guide – Give Zenobia her Gobstones Back or Not

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Hogwarts Legacy has everything a fan of the wizarding world would want, and you can also pick up quests to complete and get rewards. While completing quests and side quests, you will also encounter various characters in and around the school. One of the characters you can meet is Zenobia Noke, a first-year student from Ravenclaw. She will ask you to retrieve her Gobstones from some of the other students who stole them and stashed them away. After retrieving them you have a choice to hand them over or keep them to yourself. In this guide, we will see whether you should give Zenobia her Gobstones back or not in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Choice Guide – Give Zenobia her Gobstones Back or Not

During the side quest Gobs of Gobstones, you will be tasked with helping Zenobia retrieve her Gobstones from some high-to-reach places. Here we will see whether you have to give her the Gobstones back or not in Hogwarts Legacy.

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When you meet Zenobia, she will tell you that she doesn’t know the necessary spells to help bring the Gobstones down from the high to reach places. Once you pick up the task, you just have to follow your mini-map to find out where the Gobstones are, then use Revelio to find them and Accio to bring them to you. There are six Gobstones scattered around Hogwarts, but they are not too hard to spot. Once you get all the Gobstones, return to Zenobia to complete the quest.

Now you have a choice to hand over the Gobstones as you promised, which will make her happy, or keep them to yourself. If you hand them over immediately, she will be in awe and will tell you that whatever future achievements she will accomplish will be in your name. She will also ask you if she should go back to the common room and play the game with her friends.

If you tell her that it’s a great idea, she will head off to find some students to play with. You can also follow her and watch her play the game with a friend. If you tell her it’s a terrible idea, she will still go off to play, but she will play the game alone.

If after retrieving the Gobstones you decide to keep them for yourself, Zenobia will be shocked. You still have the choice to hand it over to her once the second set of options pops up, and that will give you the outcome as stated above. If you still refuse to hand it over, she will tell you that you are just like everyone else and that you will all be sorry once she learns some new spells. You can still find her playing with Gobstones with another student in the common room. There are no consequences for refusing her request, but she will now see you negatively.

That’s all there is to know about giving Zenobia her Gobstones in Hogwarts Legacy. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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