Hitman 3 Progression Carryover Status Error

Hitman 3 has launched and the developers have included a feature where players who owned the previous titles of the game can carry over certain things to the current title. While this is great news for those who own the previous titles when players actually attempted the transfer they encountered a range of issues from not getting anything unlocked, error during transfer, unable to start the carryover, and more. While IO Interactive has not specifically commented about the carryover, they have acknowledged experience problems on their due to a high number of users jumping to play the game.

Hitman 3 Progression Carryover Status Error

All the progression carryover errors are temporary. The things you can transfer are Player Profile, Character Level, Mastery Level, and Rewards from Mastery Levels, All Challenges, Elusive Targets Progress, and Saves from Steam to Epic Games Store.

However, if you are unable to transfer, you may have to wait for a while as IO Interactive have indicated in a Tweet. Due to the large number of players attempting the transfer, you may be in a queue. You don’t need to do anything on your end, but wait for the developers to resolve the issue. Here is the Tweet.

Hope this answers your questions as to why not all carryover items appear in Epic or why you are getting the Hitman 3 Progression Carryover Status Error.

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