Harry Potter: Wizard Unite Network Issue is Not Yet Fixed Even after the Update

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Harry Potter: Wizard Unite is one of the popular AR-based games inspired by the Wizarding World of J.K. Rawlings Harry Potter and recently this year in the month of May, this game has already surpassed $300 million in revenue. This game is developed by Niantic Labs and it is free to download.

Even after such a massive hit, this game has several technical issues that prevent players from enjoying. In the month of March, many players complained that they’re getting kicked off from the Adversary battles and many Android users have also reported that they were experiencing only black screen.

Harry Potter Wizard Unite Network Issue is Not Yet Fixed Even After the Update

In response to this issue, the developer of this game, Niantic had already released its update 2.17.0 and the problem got solved as well. However, it’s been 4 months and again many players are having the same issues. So, it seems that even after the four months of the latest updates, the problem has yet not been fixed.

Many players are experiencing that they’re getting kicked off from the adversary’s battles again. Players say that the latest updates have not fixed the infamous adventure Sync bug on Android specifically.

The developer has not yet released any official confirmation regarding this bug. However, it seems that, with the new update 2.18.0, the Android Black Screen bug should be fixed.

It seems that the new update has brought along several issues and bugs out of which, some have already been acknowledged by Niantic, and many of them are yet to confirm.

We can only hope that Niantic would fix the Android Black Screen Adversary Battle Bug issue before its next update so that the player can start playing this game without any interruption.

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