Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite – The LASO Achievement and How to Get It

Halo Infinite – The LASO Achievement and How to Get It

Halo Infinite isn’t for the faint of heart, and some players will take the game to the extremities just to get the special achievements. It gives players a sense of accomplishment to see the medal stored on their achievement page. Here we will look at the LASO achievement and how to get it.

What is LASO and How to Get It in Halo Infinite?

LASO stands for Legendary, All Skulls On, and this quest would require you to play the game in the hardest difficulty setting while keeping all the Skulls on. To start, you will need to find all the Skulls scattered throughout the campaign. You can see all the Skulls you have collected so far in the Master Chief Collection, and by enabling them you can start the LASO gameplay.

Since this is the hardest achievement to attain, there is only a 0.3% completion rate, even though there are around a million players in the game. Some Skulls can hinder gameplay and make things difficult, like:

  • Blind Skull removes the HUD.
  • Thunderstorm Skull adds rank to enemies.
  • Black Eye Skull only allows the shield recharge after a successful melee attack.
  • Famine Skull cuts available ammo in half.

But players need not fret, since some Skulls will give you added boosts too. The Bandana Skull removes equipment to cool down and also offers infinite ammo, hence making the run-through for LASO fairly easy in Halo Infinite compared to other FPS games.

Other things to look out for that will help make the achievement possible are the FOBs found around the map that will help you customize your loadout, the rechargeable utilities that can be upgraded, and encountering the Marines, who are dangerous but resourceful in eliminating threats.

To start the LASO achievement, you will have to start a new campaign on Legendary Difficulty. You will also have to turn on all the twelve Skulls. Your only drawback would be checkpoints since Iron Skull is not included. You will only receive checkpoints when your shields are full. The timing is also unknown because of the Blind Skull, but with the AI scan ability, you will still be able to complete the missions.

That’s all there is to know about the daunting LASO and how to beat it, which isn’t so hard once you know how to.

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    1. This achievement on Halo Infinite was easy due to exploits and the ability to find the “tank gun” in the game. Carrying the tank gun with you through all 11 missions and killing each boss along the way. When season 2 came out, 343 patched the tank gun and any other explots and skips. The LASO run of the game’s campaign is much more difficult after the latest patch

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