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Halo Infinite Skyhook Shot Achievement – How to Get

Halo Infinite Skyhook Shot Achievement - How to Get

The Halo Infinite single-player campaign is going to release on 8th December 2021. If you are planning to play multiplayer or focus on the campaign only, you will have to go through the achievements. There are about whooping 119 achievements for players to accomplish in Halo Infinite. Skyhook Shot is one of the challenging achievements in which you will need to catch and seize a flying vehicle in the air in order to earn an achievement. Since it is a bit tricky achievement, here we have provided a complete guide on how you can get Skyhook Shot achievement in Halo Infinite.

How to Obtain Skyhook Shot Achievement in Halo Infinite

In order to catch and highjack a vehicle in the air, you’ll be needed a grappling hook. This grappling hook spawns in the following locations:

– Deadlock: In the Cave

– Fragmentation: In the basement of Canyon Base & Cliff Base. Also, at Wreckage & Broken Ring

– Behemoth: Go into the basement of North and South Base

– Highpower: Far bottom left of Tower Base on the rock path. Also, it spawns at Overlook directly in front of Waterfall Base. Besides, look up high in Cave which is mid-left from Waterfall Base/mid-right from Tower Base

Once collected, wait until you see an enemy in a flying vehicle. Remember, the grapple shot has a very limited range so it is recommended to get on the hill or a cliff and wait for the flying vehicle to get closer. Once collected, aim it on the flying vehicle and hit “Q” if you are playing on PC or press “RB” on Xbox. Once the vehicle is attached, you can start hijacking the flying vehicle. And that’s it, once you are in the vehicle. 

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