Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Ranking System Explained

Halo Infinite Ranking System Explained

Halo Infinite’s surprise launch of the free-to-play, multiplayer ranked system has many players scrambling up the scoreboards before the new season comes out. The best part is that the ranking system carries over to the next season. If you are a competitive player who is trying to climb up the leaderboards as quickly as you can, you can follow this guide.

Halo Infinite Ranking System Guide

 If you are new to the popular FSP game and don’t know where to start, this guide can explain everything about the Ranked Arena and tips on how to reach the top.

Before you begin, you need to own a Battle Pass. This is a quicker way of getting XP to get to play in Ranked Arena. With the Battle Pass, you can use the XP you get from challenges to help you get through the first 100 tiers. This also helps you earn rewards.

To start, you need to complete 10 matches. This will determine your first ranking position, which is as follows:

  • Bronze: I-VI
  • Silver: I-VI
  • Gold: I-VI
  • Platinum: I-VI
  • Diamond: I-VI
  • Onyx (Rank 31)

You will be auto-matched with players from your rank. What this means is, if you are gold and below rank, you shouldn’t worry about coming across a Diamond or Onyx. Maybe if you have reached Diamond rank, then the possibility of being paired up with higher ranking players is possible. By then you would be better equipped to take them head-on.

The Ranked Arena has fixed gameplay settings that apply to all. To start, all players are equipped with a Battle Rifle. Static items will drop at various locations. Combat sensor and Grenade hit markers are disabled in all the matches, and Friendly Fire is also turned on.

The current playlist under the Ranked Arena are:

  • Slayer
  • Oddball
  • Capture the Flag
  • Strongholds

You can choose to play solo or duo. Based on your or your team’s performance, your rank can either go up or down. Though as with most games it depends on your number of wins to losses, in Ranked Arena you are pushed up based on how well you play and your performance. So to be better at the game, you just have to practice and get better.

Since this is a beta launch, there might be instances of bugs and errors, which can be reported to the game developers. If you would prefer not to face the hassle of playing in a bugged environment, you can wait for the official release of Halo Infinite. Till then, you can practice your skills to get the feel of the Ranking system and try the different modes with your friends.

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