Grounded: How to Get a Pet

Grounded: How to Get a Pet

A popular aspect of many video games is the inclusion of pets. To get a pet in Grounded, you’ll need to complete some steps first. Players must build a Pet House before being able to make one; unlocking that blueprint requires analyzing Mushroom Brick, which can be found near where most trees grow. Additionally, you’ll need materials like food when trying to tame wild bugs; this guide will show you how to have your own pet in Grounded. 

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How to Get a Pet?

To get a pet in Grounded, you must first find it and then feed it until it decides to trust you enough so that you may capture it. There are currently two types of creatures that can become your new best friend: weevils or aphids. 

Decide which creature would be best for you (or maybe both), go out into the world to find its favorite food, build a place to call home: a pet house, and prepare yourself for the taming process.

To tame the pets, you first need a pet house. Feeding pets is more complicated than just introducing them to food. You must give them a slurry that needs a grinder. The slurry is made from either mushrooms or plant fibers. Aphids are a little more difficult to tame. If you get too close, they will get scared and run away, so you need to observe them from a distance while feeding them.

Once you’ve fed them enough times with the right food, they’ll become tamed. The creature will then appear at your home and crawl inside your custom-made pet house.

This was all about getting pets in Grounded. Be sure to read our other guides, so you have all the information you need to play the game.

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