Grounded: How to Acquire Explosives?

Grounded How to Acquire Explosives

Grounded is a survival game by Obsidian Entertainment released on 27th September 2022. The early access to the game was available in 2020, but the complete official version was released two years later. Because Xbox Game Studios released the game, this game is exclusive for Xbox players and PC players.

Like every other survival game, Grounded also has many weapons and equipment available for the players to survive till the end of the game and defeat every enemy they encounter. In this guide, we will help you know the way to craft Bratburst in Grounded.

Crafting Explosive in Grounded- How to Do?

In Grounded, the developers have followed almost every aspect of a survival game, though the theme of the game is unique. Instead of taking players to an unknown alien world, they have made the players tiny creatures and the backyard of a house the world they will explore and survive. Sometimes, breaking doors or defeating enemies require explosives, and below, we have discussed the way to make Bratburst in Grounded.

To learn the recipe of Bratburst, players first need to reach level 6. To reach level 6, players must gather Dry Grass Chunk and put it into the Resource Analyzer. Once the process is done, the recipe for making Bratburst will unlock. The recipe requires 1 Red Ant Egg, 2 Fungal Growth, and 4 Dry Grass Chunks. The last one is not difficult to find, whereas the first two need some effort.

To get the Red Ant Egg, you have to go to the grassy area next to the Field Station. This area has a huge Ant-den. Enter the den and proceed through it until you get the ant eggs. Initially, the ants won’t attack you until you take the eggs. Once you take the egg, the ants will start attacking you in a group.

Next, players must go to the areas with the poisonous gas to get Fungal Growth. You can go to Haze to get Fungal Growth. Killing every infected creature, like Infected Gnat, Infected Mite, etc., will give you Fungal Growth. Remember to put on Gas Mask before going to Haze.

Once you collect all the required resources, get back to the workbench, and you can now craft Bratburst in Grounded. You can now use the explosive to break open the door of the Haze Lab or defeat enemies.

That’s all you need to know about crafting explosives in Grounded.

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