Great Oak Beacon Location in Grounded

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Once you reach the Oak Lab in Grounded, players will find BURG.L, who provides assistance with finding ASL Terminals. These terminals provide quests that award Raw Science, such as one tasking players to complete a trail marker found at the Great Oak Beacon. 

This guide contains information on locating and completing this mission once it is encountered, so even if you’re stuck, you can use these instructions.

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Great Oak Beacon Location

Great Oak Beacon is a BURG.L Quest Location found at the top of the large garden lamp in the southern portion of the Oak Hill biome. This marker can be found at the south corner of this location, and it would seem that one will most likely find an orb weaver here.

To find the Great Oak Beacon,

  • There are a few thin branches on the north side that you can use to climb the bulb/lamppost.
  • There is a transparent light blue shadow of a Trail Marker near this bulb/lamppost. Players must give the marker two springs, two plant fibers, and one clover leaf before passing through it.
  • Upon completing this action, players will see the Trail Marker materialized and their Great Oak Beacon quest will be marked as complete.

Every player leaving the Trail Marker on the Great Oak Beacon should interact with it before leaving. Doing so will add a custom marker to your in-game map, which will also show up when exploring environments. This way, you’ll always know how close or far you are from this designated landmark, and that knowledge should come in handy while exploring dangerous environments in Grounded .

So, this was all about the Great Oak Beacon Location in Grounded. Be sure to read our other guides, so you have all the information you need to play the game.

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