Going Medieval – How to Make Wine, Ale, and Beer

In the game of Going Medieval, when your villagers are not too busy in their settlement, they will need something to drink. When you are preparing with your settlement, you have to make sure that your alcohol store is always ready to serve Wine, Ale, and Beer. If you are wondering how to make these beverages, here we have provided a complete guide on how to make Wine, Ale, and Beer in Going Medieval.

How to Make Wine, Ale, and Beer in Going Medieval

In order to brew these beverages, first of all, you will need to build a ‘Brewing Station’. Once you make one underground brewing station with a roof away from the rain, then you will need to assign a villager the Research task. It is advisable to select that villager who has the most Intellectual stat as your task will be done quickly with fewer mistakes.

Once you research well, you will be able to buy the Brewing technology and then you can access the Brewing Station.

In the Brewing Station, you can make Wine, Ale, and Beer to serve your villagers. Following are the ingredients which will be used to make these beverages.

– Wine: 20 Redcurrant

– Ale: 20 Barley and 5 Fuel

– Beer: 20 Barley, 5 Fuel, and 5 Herbs

Except for fuel, you can easily grow all of these ingredients. Near to your settlement, you can grow Redcurrant, Barley, and Herbs by assigning a villager to plant its seeds.

To start growing, you need to go to the ‘Zone’ icon by clicking F7 or select it on the lower-left side of your screen. There you will see an option for a Stockpile space or a Zone where you will be able to grow.

Go to the right slot, and click on it, and then select all the ingredients you want to use to grow. If you are not sure, how many ingredients you will be needing for each one, we recommend creating zones which are 10×10 or 8×8.

Once completed, you can only harvest once it is grown fully. Once you harvest those ingredients, take them to the Brewing Station and select how much Wine, Ale, and Beer you want to make for your villagers. Also, make sure to increase the ‘cooking’ priority so that the rest of the part will be taken care of by the villagers when they get time.

Also, make sure to assign another villager to keep the beverages in your storage location once done. You can assign this task to the same villager who is going to cook these beverages.

That’s it for this guide on How to Make Wine, Ale, and Beer in Going Medieval.

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