Going Medieval

Going Medieval – How to Make Limestone Brick

Going Medieval - How to Make Limestone Brick

To make any type of buildings, bricks play a very important role as they are one of the great and strong options. In the game Going Medieval, you will need to make Limestone brick by digging up clay and then turn it into bricks so you can have the cheapest source of building material. If you have no idea how to find and craft Limestone Brick in Going Medieval, here we provide you a complete guide.

How to Make Limestone Brick in Going Medieval

Before you start your journey to make Limestone Brick, first you will need to search out some clay which is quite tricky to locate at first. So, we have provided in two parts – Finding and Mining resource to make Limestone Brick

Finding Clay

To find out easily, check properly couple of images, and then you will be able to spot it easily. Mostly, you will find it on every layer of the ground but make sure to find out a brownish rocky part.

When you move over your mouse to any area on the ground, you will see its information on the bottom left side of your screen. It will let you know what types of resources available in that area.

Thus, it is quite easy to find clay as it is a very common resource and also it will be easier to locate once you know how it looks like. Once you get it, you will need to mine it to make Limestone Brick.

Mining Clay

To turn this clay into a brick, you will need to mine it. To do this, select the Mine action. By using this tool, you can select a particular area and if you want to select small squares, just left-click on them in ‘Mine’ mode.

Once you select it, press the ‘Mine’ button which you will find on the bottom right of the UI, and that selected area will be mined. Instead, you can also simply press ‘N’ hotkey.

Once you highlight it, you will need to assign a villager to turn it into bricks. For this, press the ‘Jobs’ button and make sure to assign at least one settler for this job. It is advisable to assign to the one who is pretty experienced at mining ad he will complete this task quickly without making any mistake.

Once crafted, then you can store these blocks at any place and utilize them in the coming advanced projects.

That’s everything you need to know how to make Limestone Brick in Going Medieval.

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