Going Medieval – How to Get More Settlers

Settlers are a very important part of Going Medieval and so they play a significant role in the game. Without them, you can’t build, hunt, cook, or anything. There will be already some settlers you will find in the game by default but you can grow and recruit more settlers during the gameplay. So, let’s know here how to get more settlers in Going Medieval.

How to Get More Settlers in Going Medieval

Mainly, there are two methods to get many settlers in Going Medieval. Here we have given details for both of these options.

1. Start your game with more settlers

The very first option to get more settlers is to set up at the beginning of the game. When you set up the game in the starting, you will see 3 options, A New Life, Lone Wolf, and Add New. Select the ‘Add New’. Then go to the other settings and select how many numbers of settlers you want when you start the Going Medieval game. This is one of the best and easiest options to get more settlers at the beginning of the game.

In case, you have missed that chance, do not worry! Still, you have the opportunity to get more settlers during the gameplay, check out the next method.

2. Through several recruit events in the game

When you progress in the game, there will be several recruit events in which you can participate and thus, you can expand the number of your Settlers’ count.

During every playthrough, recruiting events will come in different types of scenarios. And such events will give you a choice if you want to take a settler or deny and you can send them back.

Another option you will have to help any settlers who are attacked by cannibals and you will have the opportunity to increase the number of settlers in Going Medieval.

That’s it for this guide. As of now, these are the only ways to get more Settlers in Going Medieval. We hope this guide will be helpful!

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