Going Medieval

Going Medieval – How to Cook Food

Going Medieval - How to Cook Food

Cooking food is one of the important parts of the Going Medieval game and you will have to learn how to cook food so that you can take care of your colonists by feeding them. Cooking is quite complicated in Going Medieval. You will get a lot of raw food in the game but you need to find a way and learn how to prepare it so here we have provided a complete guide on how to cook food in Going Medieval.

How to Cook Food in Going Medieval

Check out the following steps to cook food in Going Medieval.

1. In order to cook food, first of all, you will need a campfire. So, open up the ‘Production Build’ menu which you will find on the bottom left of your screen.

2. Next, select the campfire, drag, and keep it where you want to – outdoors or indoors. You will need 15 pieces of wood to make one campfire.

3. Now, you will have to go out and collect some food. At the beginning of the game, you will get only barriers, mushrooms, etc. but later in the game, you will be able to grow your food

4. Select the ‘Products’ menu and meal option and place all of your raw foods on the campfire. You can select the amount of food you want to make for your colonists. Also, you will be able to select how often you want to cook food. By using the ‘amount’ option, you can select accordingly. If you’ll select the ‘Forever’ option then you can create the same cooking process in a loop.

But remember: At one point in time, the raw food will get finished so you always have to keep storing raw food so that it will keep cooking forever.

That’s it – these are the basics of how to cook food in Going Medieval. Later in the game, you will unlock more options for cooking food like making a smokehouse, which will let you cook smoked meat.

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