Ghostwire Tokyo May Launch On Xbox Game Pass in March 2023

 Ghostwire Tokyo May Launch On Xbox Game Pass in March 2023

Even though in November 2022, news about Ghostwire Tokyo To on Xbox was shaded by CoD games and other popular releases; many people still are waiting for this game’s release on Xbox consoles. Read this article, and you will find out why Ghostwire Tokyo To can launch in March 2023. So, let’s get started!

Ghostwire Tokyo Xbox Game Pass Possible Rlease Date

Even though Ghostwire is already released on PC and PlayStation 5, many gamers worldwide still are waiting for this video game on Xbox Series X. Various rumors said that Ghostwire Tokyo To would be released on Xbox in late 2022, but it appeared to be fake.

You should take into account that Ghostwire Tokyo To is a PlayStation 5 exclusive video game for a year. As the game was released on 25 March 2022, it becomes evident that Ghostwire Tokyo To can not be released on Xbox faster than March 25.

But after that, developers are free to start sales for this video game on Xbox. There is a high chance that Ghostwire Tokyo To will be the last video game available from Xbox Game Pass in March.
Moreover, this suggestion is confirmed by an anonymous hacker who has information about Zenimax Media’s leaked plans. Despite that, you should take into account that at the moment of writing, it is only a rumor.

The best option is to wait for the first days of March. Usually, Xbox publicly reveals video games they will add to Game Pass at the start of the month. And if Ghostwire Tokyo To is planned to be released at the end of March, developers will announce it soon.

That’s it with Ghostwire Tokyo To release. Even though the game will remain PlayStation 5 exclusive until 25 March, there is a high chance that it will become available in Xbox Game Pass by the end of the month.

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