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Genshin Impact 3.2: Layla’s Character and Speculative Design Leaked

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Genshin Impact 3.1 is just on the horizon with the trailer still making waves on the internet. While people look forward to the upcoming characters, some still ask questions about Nahida who releases in Version 3.2. Alongwith Nahida we’re getting another new potential 4-star who goes by the name Layla. Recent leaks reveal bits about her character and what her design might look like from descriptive leaks about her model.

Layla- The Next Upcoming 4-Star in Genshin Impact 3.2

Layla is a Cryo 4-star unit who’s likely to use a sword as her weapon. She leaked to be released in Version 3.2 alongside Nahida- The Dendro Archon. Her speculative design based on leaked descriptions about her design is as follows:


A reliable leaker rates this art 8.5/10 per its resemblance to her current design in the game. Her defining expression is her tired face with drooping eyes along with a few other clothing features, which the above art captures to a reliable extent.

As for her character, she’s a student of the Akademiya, and while she scores high grades, she does it out of sheer hard work and dedication to the point that she spends sleepless nights studying and worrying about her future studies.

She admits she isn’t a genius and lacks intelligence, but she makes up for it by overworking herself to the extreme to the point she misses meals and sleep. Her character is said to have bags under her eyes due to lack of sleep, and while this may not reflect in her final model, we’re likely to see her in this form in her first canon appearance in the story.

Players will know more about her when the Beta Program for Version 3.2 finally begins, and Beta players get to play her character more. Her kit and constellations are a complete mystery, but we hope she’s a decent 4-star unit considering Genshin Impact’s recent trail of bad 4-stars. 

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