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Genshin Impact 3.0 Spiral Abyss Leaked

Genshin Impact 3.0 - Sumeru Characters Ascension Materials Leaked

Genshin Impact 3.0 has already had several leaks and official preview teasers about it but we’ve heard nothing about the new 3.0 Spiral Abyss until now. Spiral Abyss has always been a source of challenge and entertainment for veteran players who’ve cleared most other content in the game and have strong, well-built characters. Spiral Abyss also generously rewards you with Primogems and Artifact Strongboxes that contain pieces desirable artifact sets. Here’s what we know about the Sumeru Spiral Abyss after the recent leaks.

Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact 3.0

The new Spiral Abyss that will start after Sumeru drops will expectedly have Sumerian enemies. Here’s what we know about the floors, enemies, and Ley Line Disorders so far:

These are the enemy lineups for Floor 9 Chamber 1. We have slimes, floating fungi, and a few elites for the first half while for the second half we have the Eremites. Their average HPS are also given and they are expected to be Level 72.

The Ley Line Disorder will be centered around Dendro reactions with Hydro, Pyro, and Electro so players will be expected to use their Travellers or their other newly acquired and leveled-up Dendro units like Collei or Tighnari.

Since they are all small to medium-sized mob enemies we can expect to even crowd control them using Anemo units like Venti or Kazuha- provided they are not immune to Anemo’s crowd control like every time new mob enemies are released. It must also be noted that since Anemo does not react with Dendro, it might even be counter-productive to have an Anemo unit on your teams. 

Players might even rather choose reactive elements like Pyro, Electro or Hydro that do react with Dendro and have an AoE effect to effectively deal with these mobs. However, team comp decisions will still have to wait till we experience Dendro gameplay when Sumeru finally drops in Version 3.0. As of now it’s all theories and predictions.

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