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Genshin Impact 3.0 Domains Lore Leaked

Genshin Impact 3.0 Domains Lore Leaked

Genshin Impact Version 3.0 Sumeru is just on the horizon and with every new region comes new domains. While the domain images were leaked ages ago we still didn’t have their names or what function they served until only recently. The Sumeru Domains have been leaked along with their names and in-game lores. 

Sumeru Domains in Genshin Impact 3.0

Since Sumeru has two major regions- the rainforest and the desert, we can expect the Sumerian Domains to reflect either of those two aesthetics or even both. Like all regions, Sumeru will have its own artifact domains, talent domain, weapon ascension material domain, and regular one-time domains. Below is all the information we have on Sumerian Domains so far:

The Coordinates of Sun and Rain

The Coordinates of Sun and Moon is a regular domain that seems to have a dark wet rainforest aesthetic. It almost looks like a lush underground cave but it’s just the dense foliage of the rainforest making it look so dark. We see a ray of sun sneaking in through the canopy as our only source of light. The lore of this domain references the Varuna who’s the Hindu God of the Oceans. Players will be happy to conquer this domain as it hints at hiding the secrets of the Sun and Rain. There’s a high chance this domain will also be puzzle-based due to its name and lore.

Under the Umbrella’s Shade

Under the Umbrella’s Shade is another regular domain that seems to carry the fungi theme. We’re likely to be facing mobs from the Fungi family in this domain. Its lore references ancient Buddhist and Hindu mythologies of everything being one and returning to one. It has an overall underground, wetland aesthetic and players can look forward to exploring this domain until it’s time for their fights. Here too the sunlight falls in rays from the canopy as our only source of light so players can bask in the natural glory of this domain.

The Dark Valley

The Dark Valley is another regular domain that seems to contrast darkness and light with references to the Moon and “jade and amber dreams”. The visuals look mesmerizing for sure and players can expect big rewards from this one. Time will surely slow down for our curious adventurers in this breathtaking domain.

Fragment of Childhood Dreams

Fragment of Childhood Dreams is the last regular domain in this list. Regular domains are one-time only so players can only expect to conquer them once. This domain has an Alice in Wonderland vibe to it with it being an incarnation of all the children’s dreams and fantasies. Players can feed their imaginations as to how this domain will look and feel since its lore is so children-based. It certainly looks like a magical land but like with all things Genshin, perhaps this too will come with difficult and scary monsters for us to fight and beat. The domain seems to carry a dark undertone and it’s up to the players to discover its secrets.

Steeple of Ignorance

Steeple of Ignorance is the Talent domain of Sumeru so players will have to get used to grinding here daily. The domain has this warm rainforest aesthetic that is not too dark but not too bright either. It’s a beautiful domain with mushrooms and greenery adorning its path and surroundings so this will be a refreshing change of pace for the players to fight in. The lore of this domain references how man aspires to rise to the heavens but collapses under the weight of his own hubris- and how at the end of the day heaven and earth are the same.

Tower of Abject Pride

Tower of Abject Pride is the weapon enhancement material domain in Sumeru so players can look forward to their daily grind here. The domain has a looming man-made presence but it is also adorned with green vines that wrap around its edges like a snake. Unlike the Talent domain, this domain has a dark and rather creepy aesthetic. The Towers look prideful and scary and players can certainly expect difficult enemies here.

Spire of Solitary Enlightenment

This is the only Artifact domain scheduled to be released in Sumeru 3.0. The Spire of Solitary Enlightenment seems to be based on the Desert or Underground Canyon landscape. It has a refreshing but dark yellow color palette with a hollow aesthetic. It looks like a place of meditation even and is certainly different from any other domain we’ve seen so far. Players can look forward to picturesque grinding sessions in this one.

Of course, all these domains will be initially locked and we don’t know their locations on the Sumeru map yet so players can still have the thrill and fun of exploring and unlocking these domains on their own. We still don’t know if all these domains will be available to us in Patch 3.0 itself but we can expect the main ones to be there to kickstart us on our Sumeru journey.

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