Gears Ultimate Collection and Gears 6 Logo Leaked

 Gears Ultimate Collection and Gears 6 Logo Leaked

An image purporting to show the logos for “Gears Ultimate Collection” and “Gears 6” has been leaked online, sparking rumours and speculations among the fans of the popular Gears of War franchise. The image was posted on Imgur by a user on January 22, 2023.

Gears Ultimate Collection and Gears 6 Leaked

Also XboxEra Nick received a DM with an image of Gears and Gears 6. A podcast episode 144 was posted on YouTube with the image.

The image shows two logos, one for “Gears Ultimate Collection” and another for “Gears 6.” The logo for “Gears Ultimate Collection” features the iconic Gears of War logo with the words “Ultimate Collection” written in bold below it. The logo for “Gears 6” features the same iconic logo but with the number “6” written in bold next to it.

While it is unclear if the image is legitimate, it has certainly generated buzz among fans of the franchise. Some have pointed out that the font used in the logos looks a little too “clean” compared to the previous logos, which featured marks and etchings in the font. Others have raised concerns about the name “Ultimate Collection,” noting that it could lead to confusion among fans if it does not contain all the games in the franchise.

This is not the first time that rumors of a new Gears of War game have surfaced. In the past, there have been various leaks and rumors about a new game in the franchise, but none have been confirmed by The Coalition or Xbox Game Studios.

While some fans are skeptical about the legitimacy of the leaked image, others have pointed out that anyone with basic graphic design skills could easily create it. The user says, “anyone can make this image under 5 minute, just google gears of war type face + logo and put it together, done”

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