Free Fire – How to Get Free Gun Skins

Free Fire - How to Get Free Gun Skins

In the game of Free Fire, Gun Skins play a very important role. It doesn’t look only visually appealing but also it makes your firearm even stronger and powerful. Developers periodically add a lot of Gun Skins and there are several ways to get them, but many of them need Diamonds to get. But do not worry! Here we are going to talk about several ways to get it for FREE!

How to Get Free Gun Skins in Free Fire

If you do not want to spend any Diamonds to get Gun Skins in Free Fire, check out the following options to get it at no cost.

1. Clear Event Missions

Events are available regularly on Garena Free Fire and offer users various rewards, sometimes including weapon skins. Therefore, they are among the best ways that users can get their hands on these elements of the game.

The FFWS Finale is scheduled for May 29 and the developer has announced officially the ‘PVC Rewards’ that users will receive if the live stream passes certain audience milestones

If it exceeds 450,000 live viewers (Level 1), then players will be given the option to select from 1 of 7 elements. The list includes two weapon skins:

1. M79 – Hipster Bunny

2. MP40 – Carnival Carnage

2. Free Diamonds

In the meantime, players can follow the below-mentioned offers to get diamonds at no cost. Later, they can also use in-game currency in boxes, real weapons, and more for a chance to earn weapon skins.

– Google Review Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the best methods to get Free Fire diamonds for free. The rewards-based program offers players easy surveys, and upon completion, they are awarded a Google Play balance. They can then use the balance to buy them directly in the game.

– Giveaways and custom rooms

There are numerous Instagram and YouTube accounts that host custom rooms and giveaways. Usually, Diamonds are one of the prizes available in both. Therefore, participating in such things can also allow users to get in-game currency.

3. Reward for ranking up

There are many rank-up rewards that users can take advantage of when leveling up. For example, in the current ranked season, players will earn AN94-S21 Exclusive: Hayato “Firebrand” for reaching Gold 1.

That’s it – These are the FREE methods to get Free Gun Skins.  

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT ever use a Diamond Generator or any kind of Cheats or your account will get banned. Instead, use the above-mentioned options to get it for free.

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