Fortnite Removes the Shockwave Hammer Due to Bugs- No Announcement About Its Return

 Fortnite Removes the Shockwave Hammer Due to Bugs- No Announcement About Its Return

Undoubtedly, Fortnite is one of the best Battle-Royales of recent times, and each Fortnite Season brings new weapons and items for the players. However, everything the developers add does not work as they planned. So, players often complain about Weapons and equipment in Fortnite being broken or overpowered.  Since the new Fortnite Season has come, players have been reporting tons of issues affecting the gameplay, and Shockwave Hammer is one of them.

In December 2022, Epic Games brought Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, and this season has brought lots of new weapons, including Shockwave Hammer. From the beginning, this weapon is immensely powerful, and not only could players use it to travel distances, but slamming Shockwave Hammer in front of enemies will throw them away, causing huge health loss. Though players have complained about this issue for a long time, Fortnite developers have never cared about it.

For a few days, players have reported in various forums, including Reddit, about two bugs affecting gameplay when using the Shockwave Hammer. Players can take advantage of the Shockwave Hammers from the beginning to destroy opponents, but these two bugs allow players to get fish and healing items while in water and get the shockwave effect even without using the hammer. While some players become frustrated with these issues, some exploit these bugs.

Suddenly a Tweet from the developers on 9th January 2023 surprised the players as it said the Shockwave Hammer has been temporarily removed from the game. However, the reason is not yet apparent to the players because, like every time, Epic Games doesn’t disclose the reason behind disabling the Shockwave Hammer. But they have said that they will resolve the issue and bring the hammer back during the next update.

This is not the first time Epic Games has disabled an in-game weapon suddenly without telling reasons. A few weeks back, the Deku Smash was also withdrawn similarly. Generally, Epic Games disabled weapons or equipment that players report about as broken, so may be the Shockwave Hammer is also disabled due to the same.

This decision of Epic Games has made mixed reactions among the players. While some players have been happy to see the hammer removed from the game, others get upset because of the withdrawal of the Shockwave Hammer. A part of the players even said that hammer should not be back in the game again.

That’s all we know about the news of the Shockwave Hammer removal in Fortnite. The next update is rumored to come on 17th January, so until then, we have to wait and see whether the Shockwave Hammer returns.


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