Fortnite: How to Take Entry Into The Main Chamber of Shuffled Shrines

Fortnite: How to Take Entry Into The Main Chamber of Shuffled Shrines

Epic Games’ Fortnite is primarily a battle royale game. Players descend onto a map, either alone or as part of a team, alongside 99 other players. After landing, it’s a thrilling rush to collect as many weapons and stuff as possible while making your way toward the map’s centre.

Part of the attraction of Fortnite is that it is a continually developing experience that offers new features and stories to the game. In this week’s task, the player collaborated with The Scientist to locate relics that had been transferred to the island. After collecting and attuning the three relic pieces, players must recombine them in the main chamber of Shuffled Shrines.

Here’s all you need to know before entering the main room of Shuffled Shrines.

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Entry to the Main Chamber of Shuffled Shrines

Players can interact with four distinct stone markers in the centre of Shuffled Shrines, each with a blue, red, or yellow emblem on each side. To access to the main chamber, you must collect the proper combination of symbols from the Shuffled Shrine and input them in the correct order on the markers to unlock the secret door.

Here’s the map to the Shuffled Shrines.

The first stone may be located on the lowest level of Shuffled Shrine in the southwest corner. The stone marker will be embedded in a corner of the earth, making an audible shimmering murmur.

The second stone spawns in a different spot each time, however it is always located north of the first stone. It is normally found on the second floor of the temple, as shown by its soundtrack.

The third stone lies under a tent to the east of the second stone. It’s the lone tent at Shuffled Shrine, and it stands out in the semi-clear opening.

The last stone is placed inside the dirt area that holds excavation plots, to the east of the third stone.

Once you’ve determined the arrangement of the stones, return to the centre of Shuffled Shrines and input the right combination. The door will then swing open to show the passage to the main chamber.

Be cautious of the pressure pads protruding above ground, as they will activate the poison darts on the right side of the corridor. Slow down and use the pickaxe to clear any obstacles in your way.You can dodge the pressure plates and get to the end of the tunnel quickly if you’re careful.

Don’t grab the idol right away, no matter how tempting it seems. Instead, run through the left-hand door and interact with the altar. You will gain battle pass experience after completing the last Vibin’ quest for week five.

You can uncover two rare chests after completing the quest by going behind a concealed wall on the right side of the area. So, this was all about getting to the main chamber in Shuffled Shrines. Keep reading our Fortnite Guide for more updates on the game. 

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