Fortnite Brings Back Shockwave Hammer, Activates Hurdling, and Ends Reboot Rally

 Fortnite Brings Back Shockwave Hammer, Activates Hurdling, and Ends Reboot Rally

Fortnite is undoubtedly the best battle royale game worldwide, and no matter how much trouble the game provides, it can’t surpass the thrill of Fortnite. Every Fortnite Season brings some new weapons while vaulting some old weapons that used to be players’ favorites. However, bringing new weapons requires some old weapons to be removed, more specifically, to be Vaulted. But these weapons never get banned from the game. From time to time, Epic Games make them return to the game. Among the new weapons Fortnite brought in Chapter 4, Season 1, Shockwave Hammer was the most controversial one.

Since the Chapter was released in December 2022, the Shockwave Hammer has been the most overpowered weapon that deals massive damage to opponents while throwing them away. Recently several bugs have been reported, and probably due to that reason, yesterday, 9th January 2023, Epic Games removed the Hammer for bugs and announced they would bring it back during the next update, but to everyone’s surprise, the Shockwave Hammer is already back in the game in a day. Though some players have been claiming not to return the hammer again, Epic Games has finally made the decision to return it.

The new Fortnite Patch has made some great returns with the Shockwave Hammer. Epic Games have brought back a Vaulted Weapon Burst Assault Rifle. This is a fully automatic assault rifle that was last seen during Season 2 and Season 3. This used to be a popular deadly weapon in mid-range fights, but after Chapter 3 season 2, this Rifle was removed from the game. Finally, this vaulted rifle is back in Chapter 4 Season 1. Players have been excited and appreciate this decision as this used to be one of the most popular ARs of Fortnite.

Another big news is that Hurdling is also back in Fortnite. This feature was introduced in Chapter 4, Season 1 and after a couple of weeks, the developers disabled this feature without telling any reason. Since this feature was introduced, players have used to use this feature to explore it more. They have even completed quests related to it, but then this feature was removed. Generally, Epic Games never stated the actual reason behind withdrawing something. But finally, Hurdling is also back in the game; players can now hurdle rocks and obstacles up to knee length.

Finally, we have got another piece of news that the Reboot Rally has ended. Reboot Rally quests have been running for a while, and now with this patch, Epic Games has ended the Reboot Rally. So, you can no longer party up with friends and complete the Reboot Rally quests to get rewards.

The removal of the Shockwave Hammer has created mixed reactions among the players, and if you have been upset about the hammer being removed, this is definitely good news to you. Now that you have become aware of all the things added and removed during the recent patch prepare yourself accordingly before jumping into the game.


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