Forspoken – Which Document to Pick in Courtroom

 Forspoken – Which Document to Pick in Courtroom

Forspoken is the latest game released on PC via Steam and PS5 today. The game is developed by Luminous Production and published by Square Enix. 

Forspoken follows Frey, a New Yorker who finds herself transported into the World of Athia. After transporting, Frey can use magical abilities and can equip equipment like Necklaces, Cloaks and Nails to increase her abilities to explore the world of Athia and defeat enemies as well. 

But before Frey reaches the world of Athia,  we find her in the courtroom facing charges for the things she has done before. At this point, players will be given a choice of selecting a document but which one to pick first. In this guide, you will learn which document to pick and what implication choosing has on the story. 

Which document to pick in Courtroom?

There will be three sets of documents and pictures in front of you at the table and you will be given a choice to pick them. You would want to see all of the three but in which order or if picked one, should we be given chance to see the other 2? 

The answer to these questions is not existing because, unlike some other RPGs, it doesn’t matter in Forspoken which document you pick first because you will be able to see all of them. 

Also, it doesn’t matter which one is picked first or last, the story of Forspoken is not directly attached to those documents.

The documents show the details about the Frey’s past like –

  1. The document on the right shows the news clip and a photo of Frey and shows that she is an orphan. 
  2. The document in the middle shows the police report for the crimes Frey has committed in her past. 
  3. The document on the left shows the picture of Frey reading a book and also showing a high school diploma. 

Players should not worry about any mistake in picking which documents first because it doesn’t matter as they will get to see them all one after another. Documents are there to show the past of Frey, the main protagonist. 

That’s all you need to know about which document to pick first. If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news. 

Shubham Chaurasia

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