Destiny 2 error code Lettuce

FIXED Destiny 2 Error Code Lettuce

January 9, 2020 By Harsh Clif

Destiny 2 error codes can be a pain, but the developers of the game have done their bit to make the situation humorous with the hilarious error code names, but that rarely helps when all you want to do is play the game. The Destiny 2error code Lettuce is one of the many errors you encounter while playing the game.

Destiny 2 Lettuce error is an error that corresponds to interruptions between the host and the Bungie server. The cause of this error is unrelated to the Bungie network meaning an issue with your connection such as a problem with the ISP, Wi-Fi glitches, packet loss, faulty hardware, or general internet congestion. Here are some fixes that can repair the error and get you back into the game.Destiny 2: Forsaken – Legendary Collection – Xbox One

Fix 1: Shift to a Wired Internet Connection

If you are still using a Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot to connect the game to the client, it’s time you shifted to a LAN or wired internet connection. The Wi-Fi or hotspot can be volatile with fluctuation in the speed that can cause packet loss or disconnect leading to the error. A large number of users resolved this error by simply switching to a wired connection.

Another important thing, terminate any bandwidth-intensive tasks in the background or over the same connection that can hinder the connection speed to Destiny 2. Such tasks can be downloads, file transfers, video streaming, and other things that can reduce the bandwidth share for the game. Ideally, terminate all programs before playing the game including other games running on the same account.

Fix 2: Force Restart Steam for PC Users

Some PC users have also fixed the problem by simply force restarting the Steam. To force restart the Steam, open Task Manager > Select Steam > Click End Task. Restart Steam and try to play Destiny 2.

Fix 3: Clearing Cache for Xbox Users

The Xbox stores caches in its memory which are temporary files that help load the game more efficiently. Often, these saved files become corrupted or overwritten causing the Xbox to disconnect from the Bungie server. Clearing the cache allows the Xbox to download the fresh files. Follow the below steps to clear the cache.

There are two ways to delete the cache from the Xbox and reset the memory.

Manual Reset

  1. Press the power button on the Xbox until the system powers down completely.
  2. Detach the power cord from the Xbox located at the back. Repeatedly press and hold the power button on the Xbox to drain the power. This clears the cache and formats the memory of the Xbox.
  3. Connect the power cord and wait for the Xbox to switch on, wait until the white light turns orange.
  4. At this point, turn the Xbox on as you would normally and open the game to see if you still face the Destiny 2 error code Lettuce.

Resetting Cache through Settings

  1. Navigate to the Xbox settings > Network > Advanced Settings.
  2. Go to Alternate Mac Address and select the Clear option.
  3. Xbox will prompt the user if they want to continue. Give your command as affirmative and the Xbox will restart clearing the cache. Once done, open the game to check if you still encounter the Lettuce error code.

Fix 4: Hard Reset PlayStation

For PlayStation users, they can perform hard reset which clears the cache. Here are the steps:

  • Completely shut down the PlayStation.
  • Remove the power cord from the back and let the PlayStation sit for a few minutes until all processes are completely shut down.
  • Put the power cord back to its place and start the PlayStation normally. Check if the anteater error still appears.

Fix 5: Check with ISP

On rare occasions, the internet service in your area might be down or experiencing problems, check if you have internet access. Even if the internet is connected, inform about your problem to the ISP and ask them to run a network check to eliminate any problems.

Fix 6: Replace Network Hardware

More often than not, the fault is due to your network equipment such as old internet cables and modems/routers. If you have been using the same equipment for several years, consider changing them to fix the problem. Even if you do not want to get a new one, you at least need another set to rule out problems with the hardware.

I hope this has fixed the Destiny 2 error code Lettuce. If not, leave your comment with the details of the error and we will try to instruct you to fix the problem.  

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