Fix Zoom Error Code 3113

Zoom turned out to be an invaluable application during the tough time everyone had in 2020. The market size of the company grew more during this time than the application’s entire existence. Even though Zoom is intuitive and easy to use, there are a few issues that can arise from time to time. One of the most occurring and the one that’s existed for some time now is the Zoom error code 3113. The error simply means that the session does not comply with Zoom’s security requirements. Unlike connectivity and server issues, this particular error is quite easy to resolve. Stick with us through the post and we will help you fix error code 3113 in Zoom application.

Fix Zoom Error Code 3113

The Zoom error code 3113 can be fixed by enabling Zoom meeting password and waiting room, ensuring the version of the software is compatible for the waiting room, the software is updated on mobile and desktop.

Although there are a bunch of fix for the issue, the mostly likely cause you are seeing the error 3113 is because your session lacks a passcode or a waiting room. Prior to Sep 2020, using Zoom was easier and the error did not exist, but due to certain instances of hacking, Zoom made it a requirement for sessions to either have a passcode or waiting room.

A meeting or a session that does not have a passcode would give the joiner the Zoom error code 3113. The fix for the issue is simple, turn on the passcode or a waiting room. Here are the steps you need to follow.

How to Turn On the Zoom Meeting Passcode

In order to enable the passcode or turn it on, you have to be logged-in your Zoom account and head over to Account Management. From there choose Account Settings and turn on the Passcode option. You will get a confirmation prompt, select Turn On.

How to Turn On the Waiting Room in Zoom

You have to follow the same process to enable waiting room in the app. Head to Account Setting and go to the Security section. From there, turn on the option for Waiting Room. When you get the confirmation prompt, select Turn On.

Enable both the passcode and the waiting room options and the users who try to join the meeting should not encounter the Zoom error code 3113. While one of the above features should be able to avoid the error, in some cases, the host may be required to enable them both. That’s all we have in this guide, hope you are able to resolve the error and get the meeting on ASAP.

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