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YouTube Shorts are short videos in a vertical format that you can create or watch on YouTube. It is just like the TikTok and Instagram Reels. In YT Shorts, users can create and/or share videos that are usually 60 seconds or less in duration. However, like YouTube or any other video platform, YouTube Shorts also has a few bugs and errors. Recently, some users are reporting that YouTube Shorts are not showing thumbnails. Thumbnail plays an important role in attracting viewers. However, this problem can be fixed and this guide will show you all potential methods to address this issue.

How to Fix YouTube Shorts Not Showing Thumbnail

Before you proceed to the following troubleshooting guide, make sure to quickly go through the below easy steps and check if any of these methods worked to fix YouTube Shorts not showing a thumbnail issue.

– First of all, simply wait for a while and check again. Sometimes, the issue gets resolved automatically after some time. 

– Next, simply restart your device once and check if that helped.

– Make sure your YouTube is updated to the latest version.

– Make sure your internet connection is fast and stable. If it has any issues, then you will experience YouTube Shorts not showing thumbnail issues. So, fix your internet connection-related issues and check if the issue has been resolved or not.

After going through these quick tips, if the issue persists, you may now proceed to the following steps.

Try Changing the Thumbnail Manually

If the above tips don’t help, you can also try changing the thumbnail manually by going to the video editor and changing the shorts thumbnail. However, it is important to note here that YouTube has some restrictions and guidelines regarding thumbnails. If your image is misleading or inappropriate, it may not work so make sure to review and adhere to the policies of YT to avoid such issues.

Check the Size and Format of the Image

An incorrect size and format can also cause this issue so make sure the selected image for your custom thumbnail is proper in size and format. Besides, you can also try using another image that goes well with shorts. However, the recommended size of the YT thumbnail is 1280×720 pixels and the format should be in JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF.

Clear the Cache and Cookies of your Browser

The next quick trick to fix this issue is to clear out the cache and cookies of the browser you are using to play YouTube Shorts. This method will also help you to speed up the performance of the YT app.

Reach Out to the YouTube Support Team

Have you tried all of the above steps and are still experiencing the same issue? Worry not. Your last resort is to reach out to the YouTube support team and they may provide you some additional troubleshooting steps to fix this problem.

That’s everything you can try to fix YouTube Shorts not showing thumbnails.

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