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Fix Xbox Series X|S Headset Audio Cutting Out

Fix Xbox Series XS Headset Audio Keeps Cutting Out

Similarly to players on PS5, the next-gen Microsoft console users are also struggling with a range of issues. The one that’s most concerning is the Xbox Series X|S headset auto cutting out. There is a glitch with the new console that’s making the audio to not work regardless of the headset you are using.

Users on all types of headset are reporting the no audio problem such as SteelSeries, Turtle Beach, Astro, hyperX, and others. The audio cuts out so often that enjoying a decent session of a game is becoming a pain. If you feel, you match the situation we have described, there are certain things you can do to ensure the Xbox Series X|S headset audio cutting out does not occur. Keep scrolling through the post.

Fix Xbox Series X|S Headset Audio Cutting Out

The headset is one of the best devices to experience the audio of a game without being a nuisance to people around you, so naturally, when the headset stops working it can be a stressful situation. Another benefit of the headset over speakers is it allows you to chat and dominate multiplayer games. But, with the headset audio not working you cannot experience games to the fullest.

However, there is a simple solution to all of this that you probably did not know. If the controller is left idle for more than 10 seconds, the Xbox Series X|S headset audio may cut out. In order to make the audio to work again in Xbox Series X|S, you should use the thumbsticks again or press any buttons. If this is a recurring problem with you and you would like to avoid it, keep using the gamepad at all time when you are using the headset.

If the above solution is too much of a pain, the Xbox One controller will not result in the same problem. So, you can use the Xbox One controller until Microsoft fixes the issue. We have also noticed that the headset audio does not work or cuts out when you are using a wireless headset. So, try use a wired headset to avoid the issue.

If it’s any assurance, Microsoft is aware of the issue and has listed it as one of the known issues on Xbox Series X|S. You can expect the issue to be fixed soon than later. However, there is no timeline on exactly when the audio bug will be fixed on the next-gen Xbox consoles.       

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