Fix Xbox Error Code 0x89231053 | Party Chat Not Working

Fix Xbox Error Code 0x89231053 Party Chat Not Working

The latest updates in Xbox offer a Party Chat feature, in which, you are allowed to chat with your opponent players or friends and it is surely a great fun! Because of this new update, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One players are eager to use the Party Chat feature but they are facing Error Code 0x89231053. Recently, players appear this error when the console reports that your Network settings are blocking the party chat.

The Xbox officials have not yet revealed any update or notification for this error. It seems like a complex issue, but actually, it is possible to fix Xbox Error Code recently by simply checking over the system’s NAT (Network Address Translation) type. Here we have provided a complete guide.

How to fix Xbox Error Code 0x89231053 | Party Chat Not Working

To solve this problem, as stated above, we only need to check whether or not the console’s NAT type is set to ‘Open’. Luckily, it is very easy to check the current NAT settings. Here are some quick steps to check:

1. Press the Xbox button and open the guide and then search ‘Profile & System’.

2. Next go to Open Settings > General > Network Settings.

3. Under Current Network Status, make sure that NAT Type is set to Open.

If everything is fine and still you’re getting the same error, we recommend going through the following checks.

Internet Connection

A poor internet connection also can cause the reason for Xbox Error 0x89231053This is how you can resolve the problem:

1. Check your internet connection

2. Restart the router

3. Do perform a speed test

4. And troubleshoot the browser

Xbox App Settings

Xbox system is designed to make your gameplay exciting and compelling. So, you must reset or check the settings to eliminate the error code from your system. Here are some of the steps to solve the issue:

1. Tap on the START button and find out SETTINGS

2. Choose the FEATURES AND APPS location

3. Now, click on the ADVANCED OPTIONS under Xbox App.

4. Next, RESET the settings.

5. Then restart your Xbox system and hopefully, you’ll not see Xbox Error Code 0x89231053.

That’s all! As we have mentioned above, there is no official notification or update by the Xbox but if you will try out the above-mentioned methods, you probably will fix Xbox Error Code 0x89231053 – Party Chat Not Working.

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