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Fix WWE 2K Battlegrounds Level 1 Progress Reset Bug

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WWE 2K Battleground the simulation game of WWE wrestling is out and although it’s not receiving the response the developers would have preferred, the game has certain frustrating bugs. One of the bugs you will notice quite early on with the game is the progress reset bug. The bug basically nulls any progress you have made and seems to occur mostly with level 1 of the game. If you have encountered the bug, you have come to the right place. We will not only help you resolve the WWE 2K Battlegrounds Level 1 progress reset bug, but also help you get back the progress.

Fix WWE 2K Battlegrounds Level 1 Progress Reset Bug

When the WWE 2K Battlegrounds Level 1 progress reset bug occurred, you may be playing the game offline. In order to save the progress of the game, you need to be connected to the game servers. So, the fix is quite simple, ensure that you are connected to the servers and you may get your progress and rank back. Although, you can play the game offline, in all its essence, WWE 2K Battleground is an online games and hence, requires you to be connected to the servers via a reliable internet connection.

If you want to obtain rewards and experience points in the game, you will have to connect to the game servers.

If you can confirm that the game is connected to the servers and you still encounter the progress reset bug, then, there might be a problem with the servers. In such a situation, abstain from playing the game momentarily, unless you are playing for fun and don’t mind giving up on the reward. Monitor the progress of the servers and any ongoing issue at the Twitter handle of the game.

The developers recently acknowledged issues with server connectivity Tweeting, “We are aware of reported online connectivity concerns and are investigating.” Although at the time of writing this post, there is no ongoing issue with the servers. It can occur from time to time, so you should keep an eye on the Twitter handle.

Some of the key points to note when you encounter the WWE 2K Battlegrounds level reset glitch is your game might be offline and not connected to the servers, check the servers, reboot the system and the game, try changing your internet connection – try switching to a mobile hotspot for now. But, if nothing works, get in touch with the WWE 2K Battleground support.    

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