Fix Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Network error

Mycle Ahir
Mycle Ahir

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is an action-packed role-playing game set in ancient China, where players take on the role of a powerful warrior tasked with saving the kingdom from an evil dynasty. The game is filled with intense battles, intricate storylines, and stunning visuals that bring the rich history and culture of China to life. But some players are getting network errors and issue while playing the game> In this article, we will discuss some way to Fix the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Network error.

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How to Fix Wo Long Network error

If you are experiencing the wo long network error on your PS5, here are some solutions that may help fix the issue:

Check Your Network Connection

The first step in fixing the wo long network error is to check your network connection. Make sure that your PS5 is connected to the internet and that your Wi-Fi signal is strong enough. If you are using a wired connection, check that the Ethernet cable is properly connected to the console and the router/modem.

Restart Your Router/Modem

If your network connection seems fine, the next step is to restart your router/modem. Sometimes, a simple restart can fix connectivity issues. Unplug the router/modem from the power source and wait for a few minutes before plugging it back in.

Update Your PS5 System Software

If the wo long network error is caused by a bug in the PS5 system software, updating the console to the latest firmware version may fix the issue. To check for updates, go to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update and Install the latest firmware update.

Reset Your Network Settings

If there are incorrect network settings on your PS5, resetting them may help fix the wo long network error. To reset your network settings, go to Settings > Network > Settings > Set Up Internet Connection and choose “Use Wi-Fi” or “Use LAN Cable” depending on your connection type. Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your network settings.

Change Your DNS Settings

Sometimes, changing your DNS settings can help fix the wo long network error. To do this, go to Settings > Network > Settings > Set Up Internet Connection and choose “Custom.” Select “Automatic” for IP Address Settings, DHCP Host Name, and DNS Settings. Then, choose “Manual” for MTU Settings and enter “1473” for the value. For DNS Settings, choose “Manual” and enter “” for the Primary DNS and “” for the Secondary DNS.

If none of the above solutions work, it may be worth contacting your ISP to see if there are any issues with your internet connection. Your ISP may be able to diagnose and fix any issues on their end that could be causing the wo long network error.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you should be able to get your console back online and playing games in no time. Remember to always keep your PS5 system software up to date and maintain a strong and stable internet connection to prevent similar issues from happening in the future.

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