Fix Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Crashing on Xbox One & Xbox X|S

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is finally out, and a lot of players are rushing to try this latest drastic and action-packed role-playing game by Team Ninja. But some Xbox One and Xbox X|S users are not happy as they are experiencing a crashing issue on their devices while accessing Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Like almost all games, this game also crashes on every gaming platform at launch including PC. Well, this guide has covered all potential solutions to fix Wo Long Fallen Dynasty crashing on Xbox One and Xbox X|S.

How to Fix Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Crashing on Xbox One & Xbox X|S

Like many other players, if you are also experiencing crashes while playing Wo Long Fallen Dynasty on your Xbox One or Xbox X|S, there are several methods you can try to fix this issue. However, before starting the following methods, make sure to first update your game to the latest version.

1. Check System Updates

Before starting any of the following workarounds, check for system updates on your Xbox console. To do this:

– Press the Home button on the Xbox console to open the Dashboard menu

– Select Settings from the bottom of the menu >> Select All Settings >>Choose to System >> Select Updates

– Select Update Console (if available) >> Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the update process

– Once done, make sure to restart the console to apply changes

2. Resetting Xbox Network

The next and best method to fix this issue is to reset the Xbox network. Here are the steps:

– Go to Xbox Settings and open network settings

– Then go to Advanced Settings >> Alternate Mac Address >> Clear

– Also, it is advisable to restart your Router to avoid any internet connection-related issues

– Once you successfully clear the Mac Address, restart your Xbox

– Now, turn your console ON and try to play the game again, and check if the crashing problem persists. If you are facing the same issue again, then proceed to the next method.

3. Clearing Your Console’s Cache

Clear out your console’s cache can also help to resolve the game crashing problems caused by corrupted data. To clear cache: Power off the console, unplug it for a few minutes, then plug it back in and power it on. Once done, relaunch the game.

4. Enable Auto HDR (Only on Xbox Series X|S)

If the issue only occurs on Xbox Series X|S, then try enabling “Auto HDR” in the console settings. Sometimes, this method helps to resolve any issues with games crashing on Xbox Series X|S. For this, go to Settings >> General >> TV & display options >> Turn ON Auto HDR.

5. Resetting Xbox

When you experience the game crashing issue on your Xbox One and Xbox X|S, then one of the best and classic solutions is to reset your Xbox. To do this:

 – Go to System from Settings

– Choose Reset This Xbox after clicking on Console Info

– Lastly, click Reset and Keep my Games and Apps

6. Reinstall the Game

If the crashing issue persists, your last resort is to reinstall the game. This can help resolve any issues caused by corrupted or missing game files.

That’s everything you can try fixing Wo Long Fallen Dynasty crashing on Xbox One and Xbox X|S.

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