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Fix Watch Dogs Legion Stuck At Loading Screen, and Can’t Load Save File

Fix Watch Dogs Legion Stuck At Loading Screen, and Can’t Load Save File

We take back our word, the game crashing is not the worst issue to hit Watch Dogs Legion. A lot of players have been stuck at the loading screen trying to load the save, but without success. Ubisoft’s forum for the game is filled with threads with similar problems. Some users are also complaining of hours of progress lot. The Watch Dogs Legion can’t load save file is a serious problem and Ubisoft needs to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible.

Without a fix, all your progress stands the risk of loss and each time you try to play the game you’ll have to start afresh. Fortunately, in one of Ubisoft’s thread for the issue, a representative assures that the developers are working to resolve the issue and it’s one of their top priorities.

We have a solution for the Watch Dogs Legion stuck at loading screen, and can’t load save file, but the fix is not universal and may not work for everyone. As this is a glitch in the game, there is very little we can do on our end, but try. Scroll down to learn about the solution.

Fix Watch Dogs Legion Stuck At Loading Screen, and Can’t Load Save File

Before you proceed with the solution, we suggest that you check for update. Ubisoft has already released a patch that resolves a lot of crashing problem, but has made the Watch Dogs Legion save not working even worse. So, it’s likely a new patch will release in the coming days with the hotfix for save not working.

If there is no new update or the patch did not resolve your issue, try disabling the cloud save synchronization from the Ubisoft Connect settings. You have to uncheck the option ‘Enable cloud save synchronization for supported games.’ Once you have done that launch a new game and then, try to load the save. For some users, you will be able to load the save without getting stuck at the loading screen.

If the above solution does not work, you can try and verify the game files as suggested by a Ubisoft Support Staff, “Hello there, Orath1el!

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble loading your save game in Legion. Can you please give verifying your game’s files a try?”

Another Ubisoft support staff responded to the issue, “Orath1el: Hi there, Orath1el! Can you please tell me if this issue persists with trying to launch the game from the Ubisoft Connect Launcher or from the “WatchDogsLegion.exe” short cut?

Thanks for letting me know, Orath1el! I’ve reached out to our team with your Issue to get this sorted. Do you think you’ll be able to provide a video clip or screenshot at all?”

Needless to say, none of the recommendations from the support staff have been of help for users. The only effective and permanent solution is to wait for a fix from the developers and we hope it will be soon.

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    1. I had the same problem and now, thanks to the first tip, my game loads again.. but instead of my agents i only have Dalton with a buggy ass voice. Try this at your own risk.

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