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Fix Watch Dogs Legion “Could not load /bin/DuniaDemo_clang_64_dx12.dll 0x000005aa” and “Disrupt_b64.dll’ Error

Fix Watch Dogs Legion 'Could not load binDuniaDemo_clang_64_dx12.dll 0x000005aa'

The release of Watch Dogs Legion has been far from smooth. The game crashing has been one of the major problems that plagued the game and eager fans. It’s happening on all platforms with different causes. Besides the general crash at startup, PC players are complaining of a launch error that’s preventing players from jumping into the game. When users launch the game, they are encountering the Watch Dogs Legion “Could not load binDuniaDemo_clang_64_dx12.dll 0x000005aa” error.

Another error message that crashing the game is the Watch Dogs Legion “Disrupt_b64.dll”. Fortunately, we have working solutions for both the errors in Watch Dogs Legion. Keep scrolling to know more.

Fix Watch Dogs Legion “Could not load /bin/DuniaDemo_clang_64_dx12.dll 0x000005aa”

In order to fix the Watch Dogs Legion “Could not load /bin/DuniaDemo_clang_64_dx12.dll 0x000005aa” error, it has been suggested by Ubisoft to reinstall BattlEye. So, that’s the first solution you must try. The error seems to originate due to a problem with BattlEye launcher, which is used for the online feature of the game.

It has been noted that reinstalling the BattlEye does not resolve the error for a lot of players. As such, the most effective solution is to disable BattlEye for now. The game does not launch the online feature until December, so you are not using it anyway. Come December when the multiplayer becomes online, the issue will probably be fixed and you can enable BattlEye again.

In order to disable the BattlEye, launch Uplay/Ubisoft Connect > Game Library > Watch Dogs Legion > Properties > Scroll-down to find Game Launch Arguments > click Add command-line arguments > paste the command -BattlEyeLauncher=false.

After you have the changes, the online feature will be disabled and you should be able to play the game without the Cannot Load DuniaDemo_clang_64_dx12.dll 0x000005aa error.

Fix Watch Dogs Legion “Disrupt_b64.dll’ Error

Watch Dogs Legion can crash at any point with the “Disrupt_b64.dll’ Error. As this is an error caused due to a missing or corrupt DLL file of the game, the most effective fix is to verify the game files for corruption and initiate repair. Uplay and Ubisoft Connect provides the option to verify your game files. When the game releases on Steam, you have the option to Verify integrity of game files.

Use the feature of the launchers and try to repair the game, but if the error still occurs after verifying the game files, you may have to delete the specific DLL file manually and then try to repair the game files again.

When you verify game files after deleting the DLL, the game will automatically detect a missing DLL and re-download it. Here is the entire process:

  1. Go to the install folder of the game and in the bin folder locate Disrupt_b64.dll
  2. Delete the file and verify the game files again via Uplay or Steam.

We hope that the above solutions have been helpful to resolve the Watch Dogs Legion “Could not load /bin/DuniaDemo_clang_64_dx12.dll 0x000005aa” and “Disrupt_b64.dll’ Error. If you have better solutions, please share them in comments.   

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