Wasteland 3

Fix Wasteland 3 Crashing on Xbox One

Fix Wasteland 3 Crashing on Xbox One

Wasteland 3 has been one of the most awaited titles released in 2020, but soon after the release of the game, users have been complaining of performance bugs like crash and stuttering. But, this time it’s not just the PC players struggling with crash. A large number of players on Xbox are facing the same issue, which is unique given there is not much a player can do to screw to game on the device. So, if you are one of the players experiencing Wasteland 3 crashing on Xbox One, you have come to the right place. Stick around and we will help you resolve the issue.

Fix Wasteland 3 Crashing on Xbox One

A large number of players have taken to Reddit to complain about the Wasteland 3 crashing on Xbox One. However, the fix for the issue is simpler than you would have imagined. The auto save feature of the game somehow causes the bug to emerge and cause the crash. So, to resolve the error, simply disable the autosave feature of the game.

Here is how you can disable autosave of Wasteland 3.

  1. Launch the game on your Xbox One
  2. Go to the Options menu and locate the Autosave feature. You can see the option to disable it.

Once you have disabled the autosave, you will manually need to save the game or the progress may be lost. So, always keep in mind that the autosave is disabled.

As we browsed through Reddit, we noticed that the Wasteland 3 crash only occurs on the less power devices like the Xbox One and Xbox One S, while players on the more powerful Xbox One X appear to be unaffected. It points that the main cause of the error is lack of capability of both devices, rather than a problem with the game.

For most users, this is not a big problem as they can enjoy the game after disabling the autosave, but if you forget to manually save the progress, it can be detrimental and a waste of time as you would lose the progress and have to play the game again. Hopefully, with the release of the next patch, the developers address the issue and you can play the game with the autosave enabled, but until then, you have no other option.    

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  1. The autosave is not the fix I disabled and problem still happens

  2. Yep this doesn’t work. Still crash’s and now I lost an hours worth of progress.

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