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Fix Warzone Content Package is No Longer Available Error on PS4

Fix Warzone Pacific Content Package No Longer Available Error on PS4

Integration of Warzone with the current CoD multiplayer title has never been smooth. When Warzone launched, it created problems in both MW and the game. The experience was similar when Warzone integrated with Cold War and it seems we have a repeat this time. Players across a range of games from Modern Warfare, Cold War, and Vanguard to Warzone are experiencing issues ever since the launch of Warzone Pacific. A lot of players who played the Vanguard Resurgence are unable to play Warzone as they get the Warzone Pacific ‘Content package is no longer available’ Error on PS4. Here are all the solutions if you have run into the issue.

Warzone Pacific Content Package is No Longer Available Error Fix

The main problem with the error is the package installed, it’s either corrupted or got deleted or missing somehow. If you were on PC, the fix would be to scan and repair the game, but PS4 players do not have the same option.

To fix the Warzone Pacific Content Package is No Longer Available error on PS4, you need to completely reinstall the game. To replicate the fix, delete the game from your PS4, and download it again. The fix has been reported to work for a large number of users on Reddit. So, with some luck, it may work for you as well. Here are some of the reports.

While reinstalling the game is the most visible fix, there are a few users who report that the reinstall does not work for them. Warzone is a huge game, so users with a slower internet connection have issues reinstalling the game. A fix for those users would be to try reinstalling compatibility pack 2, which is around 7 GB. It’s fixed the error for a few users as well. Uninstall the compatibility pack 2 and re-download it. It’s a significantly lesser size and can potentially fix the error.

If you are totally against downloading anything or deleting for that matter, then, there is a slim chance the error is because of bad caches or some other initialization issue where the game does not detect the new files. You may be able to resolve the Warzone Pacific Content Package is No Longer Available error by a power cycle of the console. To do it, power down the console normally and remove the power cords, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, connect the power cords, and start normally. Additionally, also ensure that you have sufficient space and the problem is not with the lack of storage.

The basic problem with the game currently seems that it cannot install the latest update correctly, which is also the cause of the dev error 6039. Here is something that may work. Go to the screen where you can select Warzone or Multipayer and when the game is loading assets and the screen goes black, pull the plug off your PS4. This will force the PS4 to hard reset and you will get a warning message. After that’s over, you should get a small update that requires a reboot. After the reboot, the game should work. While this fix has helped a lot of users, there are also many who reported that it does not work. So, with some luck, we hope it works for you.  

At the time of writing, the best fix for the Warzone Pacific Content Package is No Longer Available error seems to be a complete reinstall of the game. If none of the above solutions have worked; unfortunately, you will have to wait for a fix from the devs.

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  1. Ripping out the power cord mid-game is the absolute worst advice ever. I wouldn’t even do that if the console is frozen…

    The game froze so I tried closing the application but it just ended up freezing the ps4. Held the power button until it shut off. Turned it on, got the warning message that it didn’t turn off properly, loaded up Warzone, all of that to see the “Content package is no longer available” error.

    I reinstalled Warzone which seems to be fine after a few games but it all just happened again.

    This might be an end to Warzone (brutally) or we have to wait for yet again another update.

    And why are players so triggered about others not using their mics now?! I’m constantly looking for lobbies which they leave instantly because my mic is not plugged in. Stupid, Lol

    1. No one said remove the power cord mid-game……..typically you’d power down, then remove the power cord

  2. Could not have said it better

  3. What is up with this game I was playing rebirth then sat idle for a couple minutes while I was waiting for someone to join my lobby screen went black an now I can’t play anything on warzone not even rebirth keeps saying content package not available

    1. This has happened to me. I’ve deleted the packs and downloaded again. Didn’t work. So then deleted the whole game and downloaded again. Still isn’t working. Pissed off now

      1. Yeah I deleted the whole game re-download it. It it worked but I closed app and it happened again its a bug gotta wait for an update this happened Monday 1/3/22

  4. All l did was shut off my PS4 then waited like 10secs hit the power button on my controller opened the game and it told me that it had an update to install and l was all good don’t know if it will happen again but that’s what worked for me

    1. Tried unplugging the ps while modern warfare screen open but nothing changed any other ideas?

  5. YOU DONT NEED TO COMPLETELY UNINSTALL THE GAME!! I only have a PS4 so I only know that this works for PS4 but while you have modern warfare open, unplug your PS4 completely, it will give you the error message “console wasn’t shut down properly” or what ever, but when you load modern warfare it will come up with a message “update requires restart” and that will fix it

    1. Tried it didnt work… Did they fix it or any update when it will be fixed?!

    2. ^this. Absolute legend !

    3. Tried everything in the thread but had to uninstall.
      Devs are a bunch of fucking clowns. If I fucked up at work a fraction of how much they do I would be canned in no time.
      Hackavision make millions off this “free game ” ,about time they sorted out there shit and made a game that works. 50 updates since launch to correct fuck ups!

  6. after reading the comments anyone know how to go about getting a refund on the game i literally just bought the game about a week ago when it was on sale through the PlayStation store and this has happened to me and I’m not about to wait 3 days to play dude to slow DL speeds…plus warzone is free ill stick with it the zombies are absolutely trashed and mp is just another cod that starts off being worse than the year prior to the current its been this way since the modern warfare that warzone was made for that cod was the last great one we had they created warzone with that games hardware software so why downgrade every year??

  7. I reinstalled the game and the next day it happened again so wtf now

    1. Bro same at this point I cant even enjoy warzone lmao. boutta go play roblox instead HAHAH

  8. Should of did this before I went to work.. Could of been done by now.. Deleted all the packs and reinstalled them didn’t do shit.. Instead I had to delete the game and now have to wait for the game to reinstall.. WTF..

    1. so which game do i delete modern warfare or vanguard? or cold war had alll 3 installed and never had this happen i deleted modern warfare because thatas what my warzone always switched me to modern warfare

    2. I’ve reinstalled the game on 4 different occasions and it still doesn’t work the game is full of shit it doesn’t work if u delete the game and download it again also thst pack 2 isn’t 7gb it’s 13gb so check your numbers

      1. Yea its 13 gb and there is 2 compatibility pack 2, so warzone is gone

  9. This game is fuck dap

  10. Seems like a planned obsoleting tactic from Sony. Why is this issue only on PS4? This happening around the same time Win 11 wont work on 75% on peoples pcs….

  11. activison is a bunch of fucking clowns if you make a game like this you have to know how to fix it because i am pissed of all this bugs i want to fucking play

  12. Uninstalled and reinstalled just to have it happen a few hours later, do I really need to repeat again, or is there something else I can do? (PS4 user)

  13. You mean downloading 100 GB again just because Activision dont bother himself to fix the issue? No thanks. Fuck this game

  14. I just bought Modern Warfare and updated it. Then you have to download like six other packs to play co-op and multiplayer and campaign. When i select any of the three game modes it just says content not availible. What should i do?

  15. I have reinstalled this game three times it keeps going to either error 6039 or contact package unavailable or a blacks out while you playing the game and then it goes back and repeat it all over again this is my fourth attempt of reinstalling the game how do I fix this

    1. I’m getting the same error too, exactly as you stated! I haven’t reinstalled yet and am now doubtful it will work.

      1. How long did the reinstall take?

        1. It depends on your internet speed.

        2. you meant 276gb?

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