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The Warzone Error Code SAPPHIC, REMBRANDT, SAVANNAH, and HUSKY appears like an on and off switch. The errors first appeared nearly 9 months ago and suddenly disappeared altogether and has resurfaced again after the Jan update. Needless to say, Activation does not provide any guidance on the cause or the solution to the error. The issue prevents you from joining the game lobby and basically play any Warzone game, but you can still play Cold War. If you have encountered the error, it needs to be fixed. Fortunately, we have some solutions you can try to fix the error.  

How to Fix Warzone Error Code SAPPHIC, REMBRANDT, SAVANNAH, and HUSKY

One of the best solutions to fix the Warzone Error Code Sapphic is to create a new Warzone account and use that to play the game. You should be able to join matches from the new account. Once you are able to play, logout of the new account and re-login using the old account. You should now be able to play the game without the Sapphic error code. You will not lose any game progress. For most players, this simple workaround should resolve the error. If not, here are some other things you can try.

If the Error Code Sapphic started after a recent patch to the game like the Jan update, it’s possible the game files got corrupted and that’s causing the issue. In such a case, the most effective solution would be to run a Scan and Repair through the Battle.Net client.

If the error started fairly recently, maybe some changes on your system caused the issue and reverting back the system to a time when Warzone was working can fix the problem. Go to System Restore and restore the system to a time when warzone was working. However, this fix will only work for users who take regular system backup. If there is no restore point, you cannot perform the fix.

If the game is still giving you the Warzone error code SAPPHIC, REMBRANDT, SAVANNAH or HUSKY, go to the Call of duty Modern Warfare Folder and delete all the folders except Data-folder. Now, run the Scan and Repair from the Battle.Net client and that should resolve the error.

Finally, if none of the above solutions have worked to resolve the error codes, your only option is to uninstall and reinstall the game. Quite a lot of users have reported to solve the problem by reinstalling Warzone.

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you were able to resolve your respective error codes. We will update the post when we know more. Meanwhile, if you have a solution that worked for you, share them in the comments for our readers to try.

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