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Fix Warzone and Cold War – Why Can’t I Hear Friend or Someone in Game Chat

Fix Warzone and Cold War - Why Can’t I Hear Friend or Someone in Game Chat

Cold War did not receive the same reception as its predecessor Call of Duty title, still, hundreds of thousands of players enjoy it with friends. Warzone on the other hand is one of the best places to spend time with your friends or just random people. Collaboration and communication on the game’s map are possible with the game’s chat, but there have always been issues with the chat feature of both games. Recently, a lot of users are raising the question ‘why can’t I hear a friend or someone in-game chat in Warzone and Cold War.

Needless to say, if you have encountered the bug where you can’t hear one person in party or multiple people, the game won’t be fun. Lets’ look at how you can fix the problem.

How to Fix Can’t Hear Anyone or a Fiend in Cold War and Warzone

As this is a bug that’s not widespread, meaning when you boot up the game the chances of you encountering this problem with the game is slim. Still, with such a large number of players, some are bound to encounter it from time to time.

The only solution known for the issue where you can’t hear one person or any one in the party in Warzone and Cold War is to restart the game entirely and try again. If the problem persists, retry again or visit the game after some time. This is not a serious bug and resolves on its own. Maybe the reason why it’s not listed among active issues on the Activation website.

Problems with the game chat as existed ever since the launch of the game and the fix for it has remained the same. Simply restart the game and form a new party.

On an entirely different issue, a lot of players have been affected by the dev error 5573, which has been a persistent issue with the game for the past few months. The recent patch has brought the error back and this time it seems to be caused by QBZ and MG82. So, it’s wise to stay from the guns until we hear of a solution from the developers.        

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