Fix Warzone and Cold War Error ‘Sail 630 Nuclear Bug’

While the encounter of any error code in a game is bad, the Warzone and Black Ops Cold War error ‘Sail 630 Nuclear Bug’ has a cause to arise anxiety. So far, we have hardly seen singular error codes for both Warzone and Cold. Each game has their own set of error code, but in this instance, the ‘Sail 630 Nuclear Bug’ error occurs in both games. Switching the internet connection usually results in the error such as, if you disconnect or reconnect to a VPN or your home network, the error can occur. Stick around and we will tell you more about the error, solutions, and why this error is particularly worrying.

How to Fix Warzone and Cold War Error ‘Sail 630 Nuclear Bug’

The Call of Duty error ‘Sail 630 Nuclear Bug’ is particular concerning because it’s associated with account ban. A lot of players who account by banned from plying Activation games receive this error while playing. So, here is what you need to do to fix the error and if the account is banned, unban the account.

We can confirm that this error does not occur due to a bad internet connection or some other problem with the client; however, a temporary glitch can cause the issue, so we suggest that you try restarting the game. If that does not yield, restart the computer. If you are on the console, do the same.

Also, ensure that the problem is not with your internet connection. Finally, if the error still occurs there is nothing you can do on your end, you will have to get in touch with Activation support. Before contacting Activation, ensure that you were not involved in cheats or exploits.

Use the above link to get in touch with Activation and explain the problem as best as you can. The good news is there is a bug with the cheat detection of both the games and that’s banning players randomly. If that true and you did not do anything wrong, your account may be reinstated.

That’s all we have in this guide. The Gold Gas Mask is back in Warzone. Follow the link to find it and check out the game category for more informative guide and error solutions.     

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