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Fix Warzone 2 Stuck on Loading Screen

Fix Warzone 2 Stuck on Loading Screen

Even the most tested video games are highly exposed to various bugs and glitches. New CoD Warzone 2 is not an exception. Playing this video game, you will face various troubles. And by reading this guide, you will discover how to fix Warzone 2 stuck on the loading screen. 

Best Ways to Fix Warzone 2 Stuck on Loading Screen

To make this guide more helpful, it will start with the primary options suitable for everyone and end with comprehensive solutions ideal for a small group of people. So, let’s get started!

Launch the Game As Administrator

It is the primary solution that will help the majority of people. You only need to right-click the game icon, head to Compatibility, and turn on the option Run this program as administrator. After that, save the applied setting and enjoy your favorite video game. 

Update Drivers

As Warzone 2 is a new video game, it requires the latest software for your PC. Fortunately, nowadays, you can automatically install it in a few minutes. 

  • Open the Quick Acces Menu and click on Device Manager
  • Click on the Display Adapters. Here you will see a graphics card installed on your PC.
  • After that, Right Click – Update Driver – Search automatically for drivers

Also, sometimes automatic updates might now work. So, search for the newest drivers manually if it does not work.

Make Sure Servers Are Available

The foremost thing you should know is that Activision regularly releases some minor bug fixes to improve the in-game experience. Even though they try to do it mostly at night, sometimes they turn off servers in the daytime. Therefore, you should check whether the servers are available on the official website whenever you get stuck on the loading screen.

Repair Game Files

Even though repairing files might take more time than other solutions in this guide, this option is still highly effective if you want to enjoy Warzone 2 again. So, follow the steps below and quickly repair the game.


Select CoD: Warzone 2 and click on the gear icon. Here you will see various options, but you should choose Scan and Repair. Opt for Begin Scan, wait until the game is repaired, and reboot your PC. That is how it works.


Open the Steam Library and Right Click on CoD: Warzone 2. Here you should select Properties – Local Files- Verify Integrity of Game Files. Restart your PC when the process is completed, and feel free to enjoy your favorite game.

So, that is all with fixing the loading screen problem in Warzone 2. Hope you consider this guide helpful! Make sure to check other articles about Warzone 2.

Meta Description: Being stuck on the Loading screen is a widespread problem that can be fixed in a few minutes. Just make sure that servers are available.

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