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Fix Warzone 2 Proximity Chat Not Working

Fix Warzone 2 Proximity Chat Not Working

Communication with other players is an essential part of every shooter. Moreover, in Warzone 2, you can communicate with your enemies using a Proximity Chat. And if it is not working on your PC, read this guide. Here you will discover how to fix proximity chat in Warzone 2. So, let’s get started!

What is The Proximity Chat in Warzone 2

The foremost thing you should know is that Proximity Chat is a unique ability to communicate with nearby enemies in Warzone 2. It works in Battle Royale and DMZ modes. Even though most people consider proximity chat is made mainly for fun, it is not so.

The fact is that you can easily track your enemies by communicating using voice chat. Also, you might disturb their attention by talking to them, helping you to kill them unexpectedly. Therefore, it is evident that most people are eager to use Proximity chat while playing Warzone 2.

How to Fix Proximity Chat in Warzone 2

Fortunately, nothing is challenging about fixing the proximity chat in Warzone 2. First, you should make sure that you enable in-game voice chat in settings. The fact is that Proximity Chat does not work without the standard chat turned on. Once you have enabled voice chat, you should press Options and open the Settings Tab. Here you need to select Audio Settings and scroll down to turn on the Proximity Chat. After you do it, remember to save the settings.

Also, many Reddit people report the Proximity Chat because of the voice chat options. You should select voice chat to “all lobby,” which will ensure that you can communicate with your enemies. If you have the option “party only,” you will be able to speak only with your team.And the last reason why your Proximity Chat might not work is incorrect microphone settings. So, read our guide, “Fix Warzone 2 Voice Chat Not Working,” and feel free to enable your chat in Warzone 2.
In conclusion, you can quickly fix your voice chats in Warzone 2 even if you are not a computer genius. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the manual. Hope you consider it helpful!

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