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Fix Warzone 2 Crashing on PS4 Error Code Ce-34878-0

Warzone 2 is officially out, but players are already experiencing crashes on their consoles. PS4 players in particular are encountering a common error code called Ce-34878-0, which usually occurs in most games and applications installed on the PS4. In this guide, we will see how to fix Warzone 2 crashing on PS4 with the error code Ce-34878-0.

Fix Warzone 2 Crashing on PS4 Error Code Ce-34878-0

Players are experiencing the error code Ce-34878-0 while trying to launch or play Warzone 2. Here we will see how to bypass this error in Warzone 2.

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The error code Ce-34878-0 occurs anytime during the launch of Warzone 2, or even during a match. This error unexpectedly crashes the game, but there are a few tips you can try to get Warzone 2 to work again.

Power Cycle the PS4

If a simple restart did not help fix the issue of error code Ce-34878-0 in Warzone 2, then you should power cycle through it to get the start again. To perform a power cycle on the PS4, you have to shut down the console completely, then unplug it from its socket. You have to wait for a few minutes before you plug it back in and start the console again.

Change Warzone 2 installation from External HD to Internal System Storage on PS4

Sometimes a corrupted hard drive can cause issues while trying to launch Warzone 2. If that is the case, you can try to back up all your data to cloud storage and change the file download location to your Internal Storage. To do this, head into your PS4 settings and select the Storage option. From there, select Applications > Options button on the controller > Select Move to Extended Storage / System Storage. Select Warzone 2 on the list of games and apps, then select the Move option and click on OK.

Update the PS4 Software

You should update your PS4 Software regularly. In case you haven’t done so for a while, you can check by heading to the PS4 main menu and selecting the Settings option. Click on the System Software Update option to find and update your software.

Update Warzone 2 for PS4

You should ensure that you have the latest version of the game for it to run smoothly. To do this, head over to the PS4 game library and select Warzone 2. Press the Options button on your controller and select the Check for Updates option.

Disable Facial Recognition for the PS4

Sometimes the Facial Recognition feature will cause Warzone 2 to crash if it is enabled. To disable the feature, head over to the PS4 Home Screen, select the Settings option > Users > Login Settings > Facial Recognition > Disable.

Change Display Settings in PS4

If your PS4 automatically picks up the display settings, it could cause the game to crash. To fix the display setting on your PS4, you have to go to the main menu > Settings > Sound and Screen > Video Output > Resolution. Change the resolution to match your screen.

Reboot the PS4

To reboot your console, shut down the PS4 completely, then hold down the power button. You will hear a beep initially, then a second beep after a few seconds. Turn the console back on to enter Safe Mode on the PS4. Now, connect the controller with a USB cable to the console and press the PlayStation button. You should use the USB that came with the controller for this to work. Select the Rebuild Database option to start the reboot.

Factory Reset the PS4

This will completely erase all data, so you should have all your files remotely backed up before you start this process. Head over to the PS4 main menu > Settings > Initialization > Initialize PS4. Select the Full option, then follow the steps on the screen to complete the process.

Check for Hardware faults in the PS4

If you suspect that the issue lies with the PS4’s hardware, then you can exchange it if it is under warranty, or repair the CMOS Memory. The process is quite complicated, so it is best to refer to a professional.

Uninstall and Reinstall Warzone 2 on PS4

You can try to do a fresh install of Warzone 2 on the PS4. This will ensure that the files are correctly installed and the game should work again/

Contact Warzone 2 Support

As your last resort, you should contact the support team for Warzone 2, and hopefully, they will help you find a solution to the error code Ce-34878-0.

That’s all there is to know about fixing Warzone 2 error code Ce-34878-0 on the PS4. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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