Fix War Thunder Not Using GPU and Crashing at 100% GPU Usage

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War Thunder is a very immersive and extremely competent flight combat game. However, like other online games, War Thunder also has its fair share of bugs and technical glitches such as the friends list not working, captcha error, connection error, etc. Adding to these issues, many players have reported that the game is utilizing 100% GPU which leads to crashes and poor performance. This is really a frustrating problem, especially for those gamers that already have powerful graphics and specs and seeking the optimal gaming experience. Well, this issue can be fixed with some quick and easy workarounds. Let’s learn how to fix War Thunder not using GPU and crashing at 100% GPU usage.

How to Fix War Thunder Not Using GPU and Crashing at 100% GPU Usage

Before you start the following troubleshooting methods, quickly go through the below steps and check if they worked.

– Restart the game as well as the PC

– Make sure your GPU drivers are updated to the latest version

– Close all programs and tasks running unnecessarily in the background (Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc and right-click on the tasks one by one and press “End Task”)

– Repair game files: Go to Steam Library >> Right-click on the game >> Properties >> Local Files >> Verify integrity of game files

– Provide admin permission to the game. Find out the .exe file of the game and provide it admin permission.

After going through these quick methods, if the issue persists, try the below troubleshooting steps.

Use Dedicated GPU

In case your system has a high-end GPU and the game is not using it, it can cause lagging, low FPS, and other graphics-related issues. In such a situation, you need to use a dedicated GPU to resolve this issue. To do this:


– Go to the NVIDIA control panel by right-clicking on the Desktop

– Then go to 3D settings >> Manage 3D settings

– Go to Program settings >> War Thunder >> select high performance NVIDIA processor and save the changes

– Reboot your PC and check if that worked

For the AMD GPU

– Go to AMD Radon settings by right-clicking on the Desktop

– Next, click on the system tab and select Switchable graphics

– Save the changes and once done, reboot your PC

Disable Windows Game Mode

Some gamers have reported that Game Mode can also cause 100% GPU usage issue in the game so we recommend disabling it and it will help you to resolve this issue. To disable Game Mode, go to Settings > Gaming > Game Mode, and toggle off the Game Mode switch.

Change In-game Graphics Settings

If the issue persists, we suggest trying to change in-game graphics settings. For this:

– Go to Steam Library >> Right-click on the game >> Settings and turn OFF “V Sync” option

– Go to the Advanced settings and set all settings to low or medium

– Once done, restart your game and check if that helped

Reinstall War Thunder

If nothing helped, try uninstalling the game completely and then reinstalling it. This will ensure fixing any corrupted game files.

That’s all for this guide on how to fix War Thunder not using GPU and crashing at 100% GPU usage.

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