Fix Vanguard Error Code 0x00001338 N

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A lot of very vocal fans on Twitter are calling Vanguard the best-ever launch for the CoD series with minimal errors and bugs. While that may be true it’s no assurance for players who are stuck with errors and cannot jump into the game. The game has its fair share of issues, which we hope that the devs will patch in the coming days. For one, the operator skins are bugged and lead to a range of issues in the game including the dev error 5573. Another error that’s been bugging players is the Vanguard Error Code 0x00001338 N. Keep reading as we suggest a simple fix for the problem.

Vanguard Error Code 0x00001338 Fix

We got in touch with the devs regarding another error code and the first question the support asked was the skin we had on our operator, which goes to suggest that there is an issue with the operator skin that’s leading to errors.

The Vanguard Error Code 0x00001338 (6328) N seems to be one of them. Users who have any other skin on their operator besides the base skin are getting the error. When they switched back to the default skin the error went away. As the error happens mid-game, it’s unlikely that it can be caused by a user’s system settings.

Another related fix for the issue is the cache files stored on your computer. After changing the operator’s skin, it may be affected, and deleting it may help resolve the issue. So, if changing the operator skin did not help, go to Documents > Call of Duty Vanguard > and delete the “players” folder. Before you go ahead and delete the folder, know that some of the game settings will be lost so better to note them down before going with the fix.

If the error still occurs, it may be worthwhile to check our guide on dev error 5573, which shares a lot of fixes that seem related to the Error Code 0x00001338.

That’s all we have in this guide, we will update the post as new info becomes available. If something worked for you, share the fix in the comments to help others.  

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